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The number of claws is a symbol of rank. So just randomly drawing a dragon with the wrong number of claws wouldn’t probably be too bad, but wearing the imperial version of the dragon in your clothing would be essentially claiming that you are the Emperor. These days it wouldn’t probably work that I just put on copies of some bling our president wears in official events* and claimed to Bigfoot Admit It Life Would Be Boring Without Me Shirt be him, but back then I don’t think that many people had seen the Emperor. Surprised that no one started depicting 6-clawed dragons as a way to claim “yeah, well, we are even more badass”. The way humans typically work, I would have expedited that to quickly devolve in a dragon claw arms race and in dragons with absolutely ridiculous numbers of claws.

Bigfoot Admit It Life Would Be Boring Without Me Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Bigfoot Admit It Life Would Be Boring Without Me V-neck
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Librarianship is great. But it has nothing to do with reading or quiet. Public libraries is generally about people skills. You help people find the information they can’t find by themselves. You are also a bit of a social worker since the library is where the people who have nowhere else to Bigfoot Admit It Life Would Be Boring Without Me Shirt go goes to get some sleep, use the bathroom, charge their devices and possibly shoot up heroin in the bathroom. You’ll get the addicts, the homeless, the mentally I’ll as well entitled middle class who refuses to learn how to do even the most basic search. I also majored in history, and I now teach English abroad. My degree only comes up incidentally in my job now (although, in teaching language, conversations about history are always right around the corner!).

Official Bigfoot Admit It Life Would Be Boring Without Me Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Bigfoot Admit It Life Would Be Boring Without Me Sweatshirt
Bigfoot Admit It Life Would Be Boring Without Me Hoodie

But, it has given me an opportunity to see and experience so much of what I’d read about, so I’m very happy to have had the education I did! This happened with the papal tiara. Traditionally, the papal tiara has three crowns built into it; the exact reason is debated but the Bigfoot Admit It Life Would Be Boring Without Me Shirt basic. Point is that it symbolized the Pope’s multifaceted authority. Suleiman the Magnificent, to own the lies Christians and generally show off his superiority, commissioned a tiara with four crowns, because sultans can be petty too. Might also have to do with the fact that the Ottomans wanted to see themselves as the only legitimate continuation of the Roman empire (in a sense). And seeing that the emperor of the Ottomans was also the religious leader/protector of Islam, it was a double jab in matters of politics and faith.

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