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The fact that there are two Rumpelstiltskin’s in the Shrek universe really annoys me and many people seem to not have noticed. We all know the Rumpelstiltskin from the last movie, but in Shrek the Third, when Prince Charming enters the Poison Apple and starts talking to Black Girl Fayetteville State University My HBCU Shirt other villains, he actually talks to Rumpelstiltskin, but it’s not the same that appears in Shrek Forever After. I grew up with the Bay Transformers films, and while I’ll always have a soft spot for the first three holy shit the lore might be the worst in all of fiction. In the first film the Allspark, a cube that makes Transformers and the cause of the war, lands on Earth in the early 1900s, and it takes the Autobots and Decepticons 100 years to find Earth.

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It doesn’t because they’ve been on Black Girl Fayetteville State University My HBCU Shirt Earth since at least the 1800s and never thought to look for the very thing the war was all about. Hell the Primes, basically Transformer Gods, built their Sun Eater in Egypt and were buried on the damn planet. How did they not write Earth down in any records if it was an important planet to them? Also did you know that the Transformers were the cause of the space race. And that they were making deals with the CIA and NASA all the way back in the 60s. They still didn’t think to look for Megatron or the Allspark in that time period. The Government organization made specifically to research Transformers had no idea about any of that.

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Black Girl Fayetteville State University My HBCU Sweatshirt
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Oh yeah about that, the Allspark did jack shit all along because other aliens made Transformers, so the war was pointless. And Primes are knights now, not Gods for some reason. Speaking of knights, did you know that Transformers was at King Arthur’s round table. They also fought in both World Wars, the American Revolution, they killed Hitler, served the Japanese empire.  Also, a Goddess named Quintessa made the Transformers, not those other aliens and not the Allspark, to fight Unicron. Well, he’s the Thanos of the Black Girl Fayetteville State University My HBCU Shirt Transformers universe and he’s been Earth all along! Yep, Earth was a Transformer too. Also Cybertron, the planet they are from, is somehow still alright even though it got sucked into a literal black hole in Transformers 3 and blew the fuck up.

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