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Look into the Happy Valley Dream Survey. Basically it’s about how during/before tragic events people will have the same intense dreams. And in this “experiment” they found in Driving My Husband Crazy One Penguin At A Time Shirt everyones dreams September 5th 2020 kept popping up. It was only a small town conducting this research and the story behind is bizarre. Nobody really knows about this so this actually might be the next big date. I remember reading Digital Fortress and thinking the cryptographers motives that would lead to pervasive government intrusion was some wild stuff. Little did I know it was pretty prophetic and compared to the WikiLeaks and whistleblower stuff we later heard, it was in some ways comparably tame. There is a group of people that think Bill Gates paid to create the coronavirus (and patent it), to shrink the world population. Then he is going to use nano micro chips for mind control via a vaccine.

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If you ask Elon who’s the evilest mother on Driving My Husband Crazy One Penguin At A Time Shirt planet Earth, he will say that it’s his father, with no hesitation. Which is true. The Musk patriarch was a breed apart in regards to evil deeds and thoughts, to the point that the “Elon got rich because of the emerald mine” is moot, since Elon and his brother cut ties (and were disowned) with their daddy at a very young age, way before their initial successes. In the bathrooms at Tesla’s factory there are often swastikas on the stall walls. The N word can be heard being shouted by white employees towards their black colleagues. Multiple lawsuits have been going on and there might a backwash of blue collar white racist culture seeping from the traditional auto factories into Tesla. Hard to say, but Elon always made a point to review and personally apologize for these accidents.

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Driving My Husband Crazy One Penguin At A Time Sweatshirt
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I encountered Bill Gates stuff on conspiracy the other day. There was a series of videos by something called the Corbett Report that seemed annoyingly plausible and persuasive, with sources and everything. Seemed kinda like the pro propaganda of Fox. I considered going through it all to Driving My Husband Crazy One Penguin At A Time Shirt poke holes in it but I don’t have the time to bother. Besides, even if that stuff is true I don’t know how they get from that to stuff like nanochips and so on. Wanting to profit from global healthcare doesn’t indicate a willingness to create a deadly virus.  But there is, of course, more to it than that, and the foundations are pretty shaky. He wasn’t talking about killing people off with vaccines, he was talking about reducing the future population. The idea is that when people have better healthcare, and where children are more likely to survive childhood, the birth rate plummets.

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