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Exactly the dudes birds probably got killed and he had no idea what did it other than some sort of pest as of he saw it was cats he probably would have interfered and not just let them kill the birds in front of him. For all they know some pests are killing their birds and really they are correct since the owners are just letting them run wild they are pretty much pests. I never in a million years thought I would argue that it was ok for someone to poison an animal but god damn this thread is infuriating on John Wick Be Kind To Animals Or I’Ll Kill You Shirt so many levels. Keep your pets safe and in your control. Me either but the sheer fucking arrogance of some of these people who think it’s literally anyone’s fault other than the irresponsible owners who let their pets run free is insane.

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My cat once jumped in a tub that I had just cleaned with scrubbing bubbles. I think he must’ve licked his paws and then he started running around the house foaming at John Wick Be Kind To Animals Or I’Ll Kill You Shirt the mouth. Vet said he was completely fine and we were lucky the cleaning agent didn’t have bleach. Although I did freak when I caught him drinking it, I grabbed him and took him in the shower, used the shower head to rince his mouth. I then shoved my hand down his throat trying to make him puke, didn’t work but I continued to rince his mouth with water. I think he had so much water going down his throat that he finally puked. He had drank so much out of the bowl too. So seeing him finally puke was pure bliss in that moment. I then dried him up put him in bed and watched him like a hawk.

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John Wick Be Kind To Animals Or I'Ll Kill You Sweatshirt
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I called the vet but they said since he puked right after ingesting and since he seemed okay to just watch him and make sure he ate/acted normal. Quite frankly you let your pet become a pest don’t be surprised when they are treated as such.  Or even eaten a poisoned mouse. We suspect my dog found a dead mouse in the garage because he bloated up like a beach ball. Luckily the Vet said due to John Wick Be Kind To Animals Or I’Ll Kill You Shirt his size he was able to handle it with some light treatment. That how a childhood cat of mine died. He never really went outside and my mom caught him eating either a big or mouse inside our apartment and then next day finding him dead. She thinks that whatever he ate came from a nearby apartment that set out poison traps and that whatever ate it got into our apartment.

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