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Yep got the same thing from a friend who voted for Trump. “I heard it as him brainstorming” I’m sure tomorrow when she’s heard that he was being sarcastic it won’t affect her idea of him at all. I told her he’s a shallow stupid man who’s trying his best to Nice Comment On Appelle Un Mec Parfait Shirt look smart and wanting the doctors and other leaders to validate him. Exactly. Idiots don’t actually know what leadership looks like or what it entails. Leaders grab the bull by the horns because they know they are ultimately responsible for everything that happens during the course of their tenure. It amazes me that a man afforded a private school education, who graduated from Wharton, who has decades worth of business experience, and who regularly proclaims how intelligent he is can form coherent and unambiguous sentences.

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The fact that he needs teams of supporters and PR people to follow along cleaning up his word-salad and helping redefine. What he actually meant when he said something is ludicrous. Either he’s lying and it wasn’t sarcasm, and now he realizes he said something stupid. Which would show mental incompetence on the 25th level, or he actually did use sarcasm. This means he literally wasted a bunch of Nice Comment On Appelle Un Mec Parfait Shirt experts and people’s time making extended jokes at a press briefing designed to give information and updates on a very serious crisis. Because sarcasm is an appropriate way to address the country in a crisis when you are the president.

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Honestly, as an outsider, I think laughing at him is a good response. If a room full of reporters laughed at him every time he said stupid shit it would possibly help convey to the US public the message. It would undermine his ability to Nice Comment On Appelle Un Mec Parfait Shirt be taken seriously and it would surely drive him mad. Look at his response to Obama’s joke way back when. I think he likes it when people criticize him because he feels that means they’re taking him seriously, and I have a suspicion that it has a similar effect on his supporters. As an American, we should absolutely laugh at him. He’s a dangerous joke, but maybe we should start treating him like the joke he is and others will stop taking him seriously.

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