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I saw it, and still, remember nothing about it. I think my brain did itself a favor and just ejected that whole movie as soon as I walked out of the theater. Didn’t it have something to do with him going to Russia for whatever stupidly contrived reason? See I think it makes it way more obvious with that frantic type of cutting when hiding something you shouldn’t pull attention to the fact that you are hiding something. The most hilarious thing about that scene isn’t the fact that they broke the 180 rule like five times in Nice Rooter Shhh No One Cares Shirt as many seconds. The actually funniest part is that action movies put cuts in scenes like this all the time. Watching a guy awkwardly trying to scale a fence slows down the scene and it’s not that interesting to look at. Then finds a way to cut out most of the climbing and just get to the part where he’s coming down the other side.

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And let your brain put it together. But instead, they used a bunch of cuts to make that awkward part of the stunt longer and more drawn out. It’s like they saw a problem and instead of looking at how other people usually solve that problem, they invented a new way that actually made the problem much worse. What that scene needed were jump cuts. Cut out some of Nice Rooter Shhh No One Cares Shirt that time. What we got just makes it the same length of time but exhausting. Which could have been the effect they and I guess if they wanted us to empathize with him. Because Taken 2 made 330 million in profit on a budget of 45 million and Taken 3 still profited 271 million on a budget of 55 million. Proven ability to make a studio 600 million bucks from a tired IP is more valuable than critical acclaim, even if having him as director actually lost them money in the long run.

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I watched it on Friday hoping it would be bad yet entertaining. It’s just really really bad. The plot is all over the place, the characters are all idiots. The lead female character falls in love with the lead male character despite them having about 10 scenes together and barely talking. Depends on the genre, I’ll go down to Nice Rooter Shhh No One Cares Shirt 40% for horror movies since many critics judge horror very harshly in reviews and they aren’t for everyone. But if I’m watching a documentary I won’t watch anything below like 70% because I’m pickier about the quality. Comedies, sci-fi, and action can be any degree of bad or good, just so long as the studio did what they set out to do with a stylistic approach, using their budget intelligently, you can get some bangers.



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