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Perfect time for us to legalise it and tax out of it. I’d over pay happily for good quality, legal weed that I knew was making tax money for schools or the NHS. Get us out of the covid hunch too.Another thing that pisses me off is that Boris has admitted to doing cocaine and weed. Now I have absolutely no problem with that itself. But then he says drugs are bad and continues arresting people for the same exact thing he did?! Absolute piece of shit.I was in Italy last summer and came across this shop in Turin that seemed to Official Weed Texas To Map Shirt sell just CBD weed, with like actual nugs in jars, but we talked a bit more to the guy and he pulls out a grocery bag from behind the counter and gave us some from his personal stash lol I’m from Michigan.

Official Weed Texas To Map Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Official Weed Texas To Map V-neck
Official Weed Texas To Map Tank Top
Tank Top

It wasn’t anywhere near what we got here, but it definitely had THC in it. Idk your comment just reminded me of that, I feel like maybe the same situation could happen in the UK . I work in the industry, literally at a company that tracks prices, so I have some particular insight. Whenever a new cannabis market spins up, the prices start way higher. This is because usually at the very opening of Official Weed Texas To Map Shirt dispensaries in a market 1) the number of licenses are highly controlled 2) the harvests are starting from scratch and still not at their full potential 3) the novelty of legalization makes the demand high while the supply is still low .I loved it at first. Until I realized all my money was going to the same fucks that kept it illegal for all these years.

Official Weed Texas To Map Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Weed Texas To Map Sweatshirt
Official Weed Texas To Map Hoodie

Now I’m proud to be black market and always will until this corporate backed cartel gets dismantled.Illinois here as well. I’m guilty of it too unfortunately. I was blinded by legalization and didn’t look into it at first. Just wanted to possess it legally and I spent way more then I should’ve. I never dropped my plugs but I did pay to this cancer that’s taking over so I’m ashamed. All I can do now is spread the word and hope more people wake up.It depends. Like in Illinois 9 out of Official Weed Texas To Map Shirt 10 eighths are shit because the demand is so high they are pushing it out quicker then they should. I will say Aeriz was badass and the only thing that was legit dispensary quality but $60 eighth pre tax isn’t worth even the best of the best. So “different” I wouldn’t say it’s any different. Just depends on your plug and what your getting in BM.

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