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Koreans and a lot of other Asian cultures have this belief about food. They like to eat hot or spicy things when it’s blazing outside. They argue that it forces you to sweat, which yeah, is uncomfortable, but then they follow it up with cold beers or drinks and blast the AC or fan. So, it’s a comfortable “routine.” You’re fed, now you have food coma, and you can bask in the AC or fan without guilt cuz you’re basically zoned out. It’s a lifestyle. I go to Omg I’m Like Literally Dead Shirt Vietnam once a year and I just do not understand how “eating steaming hot soup outside under the frankly pretty aggressive equatorial sun while the air is at a constant ‘christ could it just rain already?’ humidity level” can be such a widespread thing.

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Yeah, it forces you to sweat. But so does literally everything, including standing completely still in the shade. Who are these people for whom swearing is a thing they must achieve? It’s a similar concept to taking hot showers. If you take a cold shower while it’s hot, you get hot a lot quicker than compared to if you were to take a hot shower during the day when it’s hot. Then it feels like you’re cooling off for Omg I’m Like Literally Dead Shirt awhile. This is actually scientifically true. People in hotter climates like Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, India people eat a ton of spicy food because it creates a sense of heating up which kicks in your fight/flight response and gets your adrenaline, increasing sweating and dilating blood vessels which in turn rapidly cools down the body when outdoors.

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I wouldn’t say drinking warm coffee or cold food is effective however since these aren’t affecting your adrenaline which is the Omg I’m Like Literally Dead Shirt key factor here. Eh, I’m just sick of being called out for eating cold things when it’s cold, then watching those same people shove their faces into a barbeque when it’s meltingly hot out. Not everyone has a pool or lives by lakes or oceans. So having a dip isn’t an option and not like you could do it during a work day or anything. Heatstroke and sunburn suck. And certain medical conditions and medications can make people heat intolerant, a hot day in those cases can feel like you are dying. There are lots of things I dislike about summer but also many I love like more wildlife, more plants coming alive and flowers blooming.

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