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I think they best way to conceptualize it is light always travels approx 300 million m/s faster than you, regardless of how fast you were already going. Someone nearby who was standing still would also say light was traveling 300 million faster than them. Really there’s no intuitive way to Premium Astronaut It’s 420 Somewhere Shirt visualize it because it’s all math that just happens to describe reality almost perfectly. If you want a more math and graph intensive explanation that’s still approachable to the layman, I encourage you look up series on special relativity on YouTube.Also, an important note is that the galaxies themselves are not traveling faster than light in fact, from their own reference frame, they aren’t moving at all, and that matters in special relativity.

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Rather, the space between these galaxies is expanding faster than light. Nothing can travel faster than light through space, but space itself can expand as fast as it wants. I think the Cherenkov radiation is particles traveling faster than light in that medium. So like how water bends light and slows it down and the particle of Premium Astronaut It’s 420 Somewhere Shirt radiation are able to go faster than light in that scenario. But on the vacuum of space , he speed of light is the speed of light.I got the implication that you were saying that at Newtonian speeds, we can think of how fast we’re going, as just being a rounding error, given how fast light moves. I just wanted to make it clear that at relativistic speeds, we still see light moving at the same speed.

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It gets weird when we look at two objects, each travelling at 2/3 light speed, towards each other. Their closing speed is still less than that of Premium Astronaut It’s 420 Somewhere Shirt light. (I’m too lazy to calculate the Lorenz factors right now.) This stuff doesn’t follow common sense. The air in the car gets pushed back as normal along with your head, this makes it denser in the back. And since the helium balloon floats it will try to float forwards towards less dense air. A balloon full of air will not do this since it doesn’t float. When you slam on the brake, the helium balloon wants to go backward too, but the air inside your car also wants to do that.Premium Astronaut It’s 420 Somewhere Shirt

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