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Gandalf can get toyed with Premium Bring Back The Spiders Shirt like that. Some moments are great but hold up the story too much like Pippin wearing Faramirs armor. Their friendship doesn’t really need establishment. And Pippin sorta seems even nobler for wanting to save. Faramir from being burned to death. Because he (Pippin) is a good person with a good heart rather than being close friends. The scene with Faramir and Eowyn is super heartwarming but doesn’t really accomplish anything that their brief look at Aragorn’s coronation doesn’t do better.

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Scenes like the Premium Bring Back The Spiders Shirts corsairs are downright silly and ruin the tension of seeing the black ships pull up to Minas Tirith. Bowen’s dream does nothing to the story. Sam saying “the kings got a crown again” and seeing the star through the smoke in Mordor is way too Disney cheese. We get it, he’s optimistic. Frodo saying “you swore on the precious! Sméagol promise!” and Gollums response comes across as pretty choppy and weak writing. I don’t really know if there are any parts of the theatrical version I would take out but several of the new scenes and moments in the extended version hurt the story. I don’t really think that I would say the same thing about Fellowship or Two Towers.

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    Fits really nicely and doesn’t look cheap like some shirts I’ve ordered before. bright color. I’ll definitely wear it a ton!

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    Love it! Exactly as described.

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    Good quality material.

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    It looked really wide at first but when I put it on it fit perfectly

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    Ordered a Large (5’2 and about 120 lbs) fits perfect …medium would be fine too for a tighter fit

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    My wife loved them I will buy more

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    Great Buy , Fits Well

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    Cloth is comfortable and the size is perfect

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    Love the champion brand.

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    Liked the shirt runs true to size

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    It fits real good! Nice tee!

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    I really like this product. It fits as you would expect and it’s a normal shirt. I offered size big and it’s a little big but that’s how I wanted it so I’m happy!

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    I pretty like this T-shirt since it’s soft and comfortable, great to wear in and out doors.

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