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Bathrooms are my main reason for not leaving America. I had to have the gallbladder removed and there are times where I would have a serious problem if I couldn’t get to Premium Sesame Street Pride Month Love Is Love Shirt a bathroom with a sit-down toilet. This is often even the case in NYC. You can get some good street food or small venue food for cheaper and it’s way better than fast food. Like the dollar pizza joints, it’s 2 slices and a drink for 2.50. Or the ever-popular Mamoun’s. Huge ass falafel sandwich for like 2.50 or 3 even. Drastically bigger than any fast food item. Way better quality too. Of course, there are expensive places in NYC without a doubt. But there’s a reason you see less fast food overall in NYC. Because it’s hard to keep up with those local favorites that just do 1-2 items. And they do those 2 items really damn well, really cheap, and really quick. Plus taxes are already included in the price in a lot of NYC.

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Pho is so darn good. I grew up in part in New Orleans, which has a thriving Vietnamese community, so I was lucky to be eating Vietnamese food as a kid (I mean it’s everywhere now, but not when I was a kid). I had pho before I ever had sushi. I love Pho so much I taught myself how to make it. It’s easy but it takes longer. I also live in a city that has a large selection of different Asian markets so ingredients are easy to Premium Sesame Street Pride Month Love Is Love Shirt  find too. Regardless of being able to make it I still go out to get it once in awhile from my favorite place where I live. If it were only allowed to eat one thing only for the rest of my life I wouldn’t even think twice.

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Premium Sesame Street Pride Month Love Is Love Sweatshirt
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I have a family friend from Thailand and she always would bring us the BEST FRUIT from markets when she’s go to the city. Because she thought it was a crime we’d never had them. They’re really expensive to get where we live but some of them were SO GOOD. I draw the line at durian though .You’re lucky. As an American who’s lived in Korea, this fast food shit sucks. Korea has so much variety and very cheap options. Most of the time I miss those little joints where I can get a better, healthier, more satisfying homemade meal for like half the price of McDonald’s. Same in India. They countered it by making the burgers small af so they could reduce prices but it’s still relatively expensive.  It doesn’t even taste good compared to Premium Sesame Street Pride Month Love Is Love Shirt McDonald’s I had outside the country. Yet People still save up and flock to them because they view American fast food as luxury.

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