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U know for a while it was weird. We didn’t get a lot of time together. I think it helped tho that he doesnt sleep much so if we wanted to hang he would just stay up. And the amount of money we saved not paying for day care was totally worth the lost time. And kids grow up so u dont need to keep the schedule forever. Also I grew to like having the whole bed! And some times its nice to miss ur significant other. Makes the time u actually spend together more worth while. It definitely would have been different for you two if he needed more rest lol. That’s awesome that you were able to Pretty Yes They’re Natural Shirt make it work, and yeah it’s not a permanent thing. Looks like it made you treasure your relationship even more, which is great to hear.

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This is very similar to what I have with my fiance now. Except we don’t have a child and I’m still working in making a career for myself. My fiance works in the mornings and I usually stay up pretty late if given the chance he would also stay up late with me but with his work permits that from happening most times. I stay up and woke on whatever my creativity draws me too. It’s very hard for me to turn my schedule around my body has gotten used to me being awake at night and sleeping during the Pretty Yes They’re Natural Shirt  day. Even though my fiance and I have basically opposite schedules we still spend time together at the end of his day and the middle of my day it works out fine and it’s what I feel most comfortable with.

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Because even though he sleeps at night and I’m awake I’m right next to him so I never get lonely or miss him all that much. Plus having the best to myself when he leaves is a major plus.Not who you originally asked but my wife and I had a similar shift schedule with no kids. She worked nights and I worked days. I’m a night person so it was easy for me to stay up later and say bye to her when she left and then I would sleep. She would come home and relax then go to bed just as I was getting up to Pretty Yes They’re Natural Shirt leave. On days off together we would make sure to do something fun. Shopping, or go for a drive or play games together. It’s not so bad, we have lots in common and had been together about 5 years before her shift changed

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