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Well, In reality, we are all responsible for Top Let’s Face It I Was Crazy Before The Cats Shirt our own situations, but that doesn’t mean we have total control over them. And outside factors influence everyone’s lives. There’s nuance. Society plays its role, as does the individual. When you focus all blame on one or the other you miss the grander issues. However in the short term you can only effect your own decisions. My mom used to work with AAUW (American Association of University Women) and she stopped being a part of that organization. She tells me that in our effort to prop women up, we have completely forgotten about the boys. She now teaches kids to read, and she says what she sees in the classroom with boys being ignored, demonized, and otherwise not educated as they should is shocking.

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She does her best to try to work with the boys and help them out, because, at least from what she’s seen, they really need help. The original wave (and most movements in Europe still) was about destroying gender norms and expectations. Some men wanted to be househusbands or do traditionally feminine jobs without ridicule. Men wanted to Top Let’s Face It I Was Crazy Before The Cats Shirt show their emotions, be with their children, didn’t want to “die honorably” for their country. It was also extremely anti-capitalist. Then the Americans got hold of it and turned it into cheap labor by flooding the market with women, turned the capitalist enemy into “patriarchy” and did the ol’ divide and conquer on the working class. It was never about men vs women, it was about power.

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It’s always about power. Working-class men have just as little power as the women, but now they are the patriarchy. So I’m not trying to sound bitchy, but I’ve got this pet peeve. It really bothers me when people think something is new just because they only started noticing it recently in their own lives. We’ve been writing off young boys for decades as trouble makers and sitting on Top Let’s Face It I Was Crazy Before The Cats Shirt their potential. Saying we have “forgotten” suggests this was new. It’s not just the little boys she teaches who are affected. It’s the now grown men stuck in cycles of underachieving or landing in prison. In a history class of mine, the white boys in the class were playfully referred to as white devils. Thankfully, these were high achieving dudes in an AP class that weren’t going to be taken down by some name-calling, but it still was a shitty message from a person of authority.

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