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I would imagine it will be replaced my some other sort of permanent monument when the time comes, as I’m pretty sure it’s against some sort of road standards code. Regardless it is a wonderful thing to see, and I am glad the city did it. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that committee meeting. Agreed, I love that it was done, but there are problems with it if it were to be permanent. Road lanes are hard to see, expensive maintenance, and there’s probably gonna be someone complaining about it. But if they erect a statue that’d be great and I’d personally donate to have it done. I’m not saying it’s going to Vegeta The Fresh Prince Of All Saiyans Shirt wash away instantly, but to keep it looking respectful and not like a doormat it will require regular maintenance.

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Vegeta The Fresh Prince Of All Saiyans  Tank Top
Tank Top
Vegeta The Fresh Prince Of All Saiyans V-neck

I get where you’re coming from but the DC mayor’s budget had increases for traditional policing and cuts to community-based policing policies. It makes a ton of sense that Black Lives Matter as an organization would be upset with her for this. Some of her policies actively go against the message she’s now making public displays for. As much as I enjoy this stunt it’s very clearly a stunt to piss off Trump. I don’t mind the circus so long as we don’t lose sight of the need for real change. Anything that makes Trump mad makes me happy. People don’t seem to understand how body cams work. Almost all implementations of Vegeta The Fresh Prince Of All Saiyans Shirt body cams don’t constantly record, they have to specifically push the button before they suspect something is going to happen to start the recording.

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Vegeta The Fresh Prince Of All Saiyans Sweatshirt
Vegeta The Fresh Prince Of All Saiyans Hoodie

There are now some places experimenting with capturing the 30 seconds before the button press, that’s about it. There are both logistical and ethical barriers to having constantly recording bodycam footage. I would say that training that varies in quality is inherently not better training. Also, training that does not alter behavior is again inherently not better training. I believe it would be more appropriate to Vegeta The Fresh Prince Of All Saiyans Shirt say that we need to restructure our basic approach to police training using more scientifically valid and proven methodologies with a greater standardization and higher quality. Imagine how much better our communities could be if big I agree with the rest but that seems like a weird one to decriminalise or de-prioritise.

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