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I had the same surgery, I had a few more degrees of Awesome Chihuahua The X-ray My Heart Shirt curvature so it might not be exactly the same but I gained around 3 inches! Was kinda freaky to walk for the first time and be that much taller. On a real note, good job for pushing through. I have a friend with minor scoliosis, and she cant walk for more an an hour or two without some bad pain, can imagine how bad it must have been for you. Do you have a normal level of mobility. My mum needs surgery as she has a 68 degree curvature but she can still run and ride a bike now and is very high functioning, so is worried she’ll never get back to her current level of mobility.

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Interesting, that’s something I’ve always wondered about. I have scoliosis too, 47° lumbar curve with some twisting also, but mine is pretty asymptomatic. The only symptom is that my waist/hips are asymmetrical, but I don’t really have any pain or issues with flexibility. It’s possible it’ll get worse as I get older though, so I’ve wondered about the surgery. They stay in forever. Sometimes the rods break and have to be replaced. The worst long term complication is infection. Bacteria in the bloodstream from an infection at Awesome Chihuahua The X-ray My Heart Shirt a different site can seed the metal implants. When that happens the metal has to be taken out, the patient stays on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks and a bit later the hardware can be replaced.

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I remember recovery. I had the worst dreams, and freaked out one night thinking I was alone in the hospital and they had to drug me. Got terribly sick and had this aweful taste in my mouth. Someone turned on the TV and an Alice Cooper music video came on, and I was like “Why couldn’t it be some documentary about the ocean or something. Good form is your shoulder and ankles forming a straight line, which only possible with a downward curve of the spine. They drill into the vertebrae, and anchor two titanium screws, one on each side, those are then anchored to the two titanium rods running up and down the spine. Fusions like this can be done on a couple vertebral levels, or a full back but they’re not planning to Awesome Chihuahua The X-ray My Heart Shirt remove them.

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