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This speaks to me. I hung out with a lot of assholes and let them push me around cuz I thought they were cool and I was obsessed with popularity. There were some more genuine kids but I didn’t seek them out as I should have. Once you realize it it’s too late sometimes. The kids worth being friends with were so rare that when I found it. Them I just treated them like anybody else. To add to the Awesome Don’t Dream It Shirt answer I’d write the lyrics to all the hit songs of today that I hate and post them onto the internet. Hopefully finding their own lyrics already written would dissuade them from creating the song.I’d also invite my sister to do exercise with me, she now regrets not. Looking out for her health sooner and nobody pointing out what was happening.

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But will it take you more than 2 years to Awesome Don’t Dream It Shirt get it. My relatives are on the verge of storming offices in search of answers as to. Why my Bach is taking so long to finish(I’m only 2 years into a 4-year degree and yet others are getting theirs in 2 years or even less). Every time someone’s academic achievements are brought up, I swear to the gods I die a bit inside. Forget what they think, I had the same problem and I ended up quitting uni because of it and getting a job. I’m 25 now and finishing what I started as I decided it would benefit my career. Just going into my final year for bachelors part-time, will be 27 when I get mine. Point is, it’s your life and everybody’s timeline is different, in 5 years time you’ll have your degree a job and nobody will care how quickly someone else got their degree.

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I remember reading that if you placed the Awesome Don’t Dream It Shirt bet at the correct time, an accumulator on Leicester winning the league. Brexit and Trump becoming president would have returned £12.5 million on a £5 bet. The bookmaker would have to remove their usual cap in winnings though. It was the last day of my trip, and I was spending it with a cousin who lives in the area. My mom was staying behind for another week. He was working part-time as a handyman at a local rec center and was supposed to go to work that morning. My uncle ran the rec center and didn’t find out until late in the day that my dad did not show up for work. I lost my mom to a brain aneurysm when I was 11. Now I end every conversation I have with my brother and dad with I love you. Always thinking it’s going to be my last conversation with them.
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