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I will tell my grandchildren and their friends of the day I witnessed Rick Astley getting Rickrolled. We will sit in front of the fire, reminiscing on the old days of the internet, and they’ll always ask, “Old Dydarian, tell us again about kind Sir Astley getting Rickrolled! We so love that story!” I will sit high up and my chair, puff out my chest, and begin to tell the story. “Well kids, during the pandemic of ‘20, I had to work from home. Which meant that I could masturbate to internet porn right up until the minute I had to work. But this one particular day, I decided to not jerk off, as I had my fill the night before. Instead, I went on Reddit and was looking at Awesome Honky Bucket Shirt a picture of kind Sir Astley, when the immortal.  Pretty sure he’s answered this in interviews before. I remember getting the impression that he was embarrassed at first but came to embrace it, but you can look for interviews if you want the real answer.

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Bittersweet fact, Mandy Patinkin’s father passed away from cancer a few years before they filmed the movie. He’s said in interviews that he knew he wanted to Awesome Honky Bucket Shirt play Inigo Montoya when he saw the script because he felt like if he could kill the man that killed his father, then it would be like killing the cancer that killed his father. He says that he didn’t care about if the movie became popular or anything, he just wanted to be that character killing that man so he could get his dad back in his imagination. Good thought, but I do think so because I knew the newborn porn scene was coming up and I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. So it could certainly be worse to some people. The way he just lays there with his eyes open all night.

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I don’t want to imagine what thoughts were spinning through his mind as he lay there for hours, then hearing his parents wake up but not knowing what to tell them, then hearing his mom go out to the car knowing what is waiting for her. That whole scene is so stressful on Awesome Honky Bucket Shirt so many levels. In Silence of the Lambs when Hannibal gets a hold of the guard in his cage-cell and starts biting his face. Nine year old me was not ready for that, and I was less ready to hear my mom start laughing hysterically at the scene, I guess she just found it absurd. I scrolled down too far to find this. It’s so random but this movie death stuck with me. The movie didn’t make her character unlike able enough to have her killed in such a brutal way. Apparently this death stuck with more people than you’d think.

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