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That segment was not Corbin’s fault. They cast Rollins as a voice for the fans, and cast Corbin as someone that choose to Awsome Thank You Undertaker 1984 2020 Shirt do the things that fans were upset about. Corbin played his part well. He plays every role they give him well. He doesn’t seem to be a creative guy or a wrestler that is looking to get himself over. I’m defending Corbin tho, so I don’t know why you are telling me? The guy above me said they were blaming Corbin for bad ratings, and I was clarifying it was only because it fit the story, not that he’s actually at fault haha. These are the McMahons...the same people who take internet/industry fodder and use it in storylines to troll those who make these assumptions. They did it with Punk, Corbin, Roman, and the fact that they use the term “bury” in every feud between a rising star and an established vet.

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Pretty much all WWE shows are on Awesome Thank You Undertaker 1984 2020 Shirt Hulu in an edited format (which honestly makes it better a lot of the time). I’m curious about how many people watch on there. There might be more actual viewers than we think, just not on TV. You’re missing Andrade have a strong run with the US title. He was set to have a helluva fatal 4-way luchador match at WM36 before the global roof caved in that would eventually knock Rey out of the match. The 4 guys in the US title picture (Rey, Carrillo, Garza, Andrade) were creating unique highlight matches anytime they were paired together on Raw. Otherwise, I do agree that there are too many repeat matches. I haven’t watched WWE in years but heard Asuka was great on commentary so I watched the Rey vs.

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Awesome Thank You Undertaker 1984 2020 Sweatshirt
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The guy whose the US champion and they had the US champion lose clean on tv. I just don’t understand the logic at all. There’s nothing I hate more than non-title matches for no reason. If Rey and Andrade are both healthy and have a one on one watch, whoever wins that should be the champion. It’s “I’m not watching this show any more heat” especially when he’s pushed in the main event and doing with a guy in a dog costume. People underestimate how much damage that shit does, anyone new tuning in ain’t coming back the next week to watch. Because we browse credit and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to Awsome Thank You Undertaker 1984 2020 Shirt find out this stuff. I haven’t watched tv in over a year, but I can easily find out what’s going on just by browsing here.

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