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Bold red text is after they realized that leaving their cats outside is bad. As usual, outside cat owners don’t care until it happens to their cat. Obviously it’s sad that they died, but this is one of the reasons why you should not leave your cats outside. I hate that happened but were you letting them run freely onto other people’s property? I’m not for poisoning any animals, that’s a dick move, but you also bear some responsibility allowing them to roam outdoors, especially if you knew this was one of many risks they would could face. I hope you recover from your loss and convert to keeping cats indoors/limiting them to your property for Baby Yoda Bourbon Because 2020 Sucks Shirttheir own well being.

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This is what I was thinking. I’d never advocate poisoning an animal and I love cats, but they should not be allowed to roam free. To you it’s a pet, to Baby Yoda Bourbon Because 2020 Sucks Shirt someone else it’s a pest and you can’t be surprised when someone decides they don’t want it on their property. They could have been worrying or killing other peoples birds, fish, rabbits etc. Roaming feee was definitely the worst move I made as a cat parent. Our first cat, Jasmine, loved being let outside and roll around on the deck and in the grass in the backyard. And we kind of let her explore, as we backed onto an area of greenbelt and walking/skiing trails behind the house. Until one day she didnt come back. Were in northern alberta, it’s not strange to have wolves, foxes, sometimes black bears roaming the neighborhood behind the houses.

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Baby Yoda Bourbon Because 2020 Sucks Sweatshirt
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We figure she must have gotten aken away by something bigger than her. I wasnt living at home at the time, I was at university, but even if I had been home, I would have let her out to roam. Now, if my cat Bert, who I’ve had almost 7 years, wants out, hes harnessed and leashed at all times.  It all depends on the situation. For example, my uncle grew up in the boonies and someone down the road let their dogs run free all the time. One day they got into my uncles chicken coop and killed half his chickens that he relied on for food. He went and shared words with the neighbour and nothing changed. And less than a month later the dogs got in Baby Yoda Bourbon Because 2020 Sucks Shirt again and killed more chickens.

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