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Definitely, a different statement Cool Snoopy Merry Christmas NFL Seahawks Unisex Shirtbut also 1/3 is a really big risk, what else would you do know there’s a 1/3 chance it will kill you. Guess I just don’t understand his point. I do not see how that’s taken out of context. He states plainly and unequivocally that “smoking doesn’t kill” then goes on to provide stats that literally prove smoking kills. No, he’s either an idiot or evil. In 2001, 46M smokers in the US. Saying 1 out of 3 people die sounds a lot better than 15 Million. Would you get an airplane if there was a 33.33% chance of crashing?

Cool Snoopy Merry Christmas NFL Seahawks Unisex Shirt, Tank top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

 Snoopy Merry Christmas NFL Seahawks Unisex Sweatshirt - Design By
 Snoopy Merry Christmas NFL Seahawks Unisex Hoodie - Design By
Snoopy Merry Christmas NFL Seahawks Unisex V-neck - Design By
Snoopy Merry Christmas NFL Seahawks Unisex Tank Top - Design By
Tank Top

1 out of 3 is literally double worse Cool Snoopy Merry Christmas NFL Seahawks Unisex Shirts odds than Russian roulette. How is that out of context? Thank you for the context. It does not make it any better. Smoking doesn’t kill except when it does. But not everyone so it doesn’t but it still does. So he’s saying smoking does not kill while acknowledging it does kill people. 33% death rate smoking kills. Does/doesn’t is an either/or, not a more or “less” matter. So, yes, he is as much an idiot as this suggests. It’s crazy to me that you got downvoted. Smoking does not kill smoking does not necessarily kill.

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37 reviews for Cool Snoopy Merry Christmas NFL Seahawks Unisex Shirt

  1. Casey K. Conrad (verified owner)

    Great shirt. Design is not real easy to see on the dark shirt, but overall I like it.

  2. JENNYLOU (verified owner)

    I am a HUGE Snoopy fan!!! This tshirt is soooo soft & comfortable.. Would love to see it come in all colors. :)

  3. Adaily79 (verified owner)

    Love the shirt! Cute & comfy. Was pleasantly surprised the color is more of a blue grey than it looks in the pic. Was not happy with seller. Came with black stains on it & I had to buy some oxi clean spray but they did come out. Emailed them & no response.

  4. patricia estrada (verified owner)

    Had a big hole in the right sleeve!!! So disappointed!:( And it runs really big!

  5. Linda S (verified owner)

    I ordered an xlarge and was sent an xxx large. I returned the wrong size, ordered it again and received the correct size. This is my husband’s favorite shirt. The material is wonderful and it is so cute!

  6. Andy S. (verified owner)

    This was NOT made like your normal t-shirt. Despite what the description says, this is Sateen or whatever they call that silk-like fabric. It is shiny and does not breathe like a 50/50 cotton/poly shirt. It was also sent snail mail from China. Had I known that was where it was shipping from and what it was made of, I would never have purchased it.

  7. Heather L. (verified owner)

    I will be sure to never buy from this company again. The shirt color and material are not at all what is represented in the photo and product description. The material is this awful silk-like fabric. Color is blue, not grey. It also took 5 weeks to arrive.

  8. Pinto (verified owner)

    size seems to run smaller, the fabric is lightweight (summer).

  9. Lowboy (verified owner)

    Ordered a adult large. Was more like childs large. Made and imported to me from China. Good quality though. My child was happy, wife was not!

  10. Just me (verified owner)

    it wasn’t what i expected in a t shirt. it was not cotton. i can not use it.

  11. Tom (verified owner)

    Many stated that the material was shinny, glossy or not the correct shade of color. Everything stated is not what we received, the color was perfect as was the material. It fit great and will be wearing it often.

  12. Nicole (verified owner)

    Sizes are great. Husband is 2x and likes a little length so everything is still covered when he bends over. And these shirts are perfect length. Long enough and still looks good. Oh and he loves the shirt. Lol!

  13. Lashone Gulley (verified owner)

    Did not like this at all!! Wrong everything

  14. Jeff Mashburn (verified owner)

    Nice feel, great screening. A little smaller than advertised. Size up for your proper fit.

  15. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Fits snuggly for a men’s small, which others have said. But that is good for me. Love the colors, and they wash well.

  16. RODNEY KARICHKO (verified owner)

    Great shirt just ran a little smaller

  17. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    My ‘Peanuts Snoopy Nope Not Today’ t-shirt arrived very promptly. I love the colour too. However I am disappointed that the type of material is much thinner and much more clingy than I wanted, which I don’t like. I have this same looking t-shirt, in the same size, just in another colour, but the fit is nice and baggy and the material is thicker, not clingy at all. It’s a shame as it’s a great looking design.

  18. Still Reading (verified owner)

    My mother is a big Snoopy fan, so I got this for her for Mother’s Day. She loves the shirt and wears it all the time. It’s washed up well so far.

  19. Cinnamon Girl (verified owner)

    Love the shirt.

  20. mike mullahey (verified owner)

    This material and smaller that it should be for a large T shirt. If you want it make sure you get one size larger

  21. Ruth Stanford (verified owner)

    While somewhat small, my husband has enjoyed wearing it.

  22. Onco7 (verified owner)

    The material was super soft and comfortable per my hubby!

  23. Yumeng Sun (verified owner)

    not 100 percent cotton

  24. Thomas E. Taggart (verified owner)

    on time as usual… shirt material is great…. a little tight for me so my wife has inherited it… it will stay with us

  25. Steve (verified owner)

    Shirt is super soft. A little big, but I’ve had this same shirt a few years ago, so I know it’ll shrink a little bit in the wash. Should be perfect then.

  26. Babygirl (verified owner)

    Soft material, great quality! I’m usually between a Medium & Large for Women’s shirts, got a Medium in this and it fits perfect!

  27. Ed (verified owner)

    Perfect for a lazy Peanuts lover! Or just to wear on a relaxed weekend!

  28. shannon godinez (verified owner)

    I really like the shirt, it was nice quality. Exactly what it was supposed to be. It’s probably my fault it’s too large. I bought it for my son and I knew it was men’s sizes so I got a small but it was still too big! :(

  29. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Picture looks grey, received blue

  30. Mom on budget (verified owner)

    This shirt is very soft. It did not shrink very much when washed. The fabric, however, was too thin for my son. He said it would work for pajamas but not as a daytime shirt.

  31. Christopher Richards (verified owner)

    Unfortunately the printed picture is very dull and faded, making it hard to see. Thats a bummer.

  32. E. B. Wolfe (verified owner)

    I got this for the wife who is a huge Snoopy fan. As for the shirt.. one can see Snoopy but cant see/read the writing. It also took about a month to receive.

  33. dede1012 (verified owner)

    The snoopy and the writing are very dim. You can barely see the graphic.

  34. K (verified owner)

    I would recommend this T shirt but order a size up it was small for a large .My son wears a medium and it fit him perfectly so I gave it to him.

  35. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    The listed size did not match up to the actual size shirt you received. Entirely to small and I didn’t like the material it was made out of either. Just to tight… Good old fashioned cotton is always good. Realize you didn’t make it though, your company just sells them…..

  36. Sandy (verified owner)

    Omg I did not expect this shiny fabric. I had gotten this as a gift for my boyfriend but there is no way he is wearing a shiny snoopy t shirt!!! I waited for almost a month to get this and am super disappointed.

  37. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Horrible service, shipping was extremely late. Shirt fits small in size, it’s also a completely different fabric (sateen). And it’s not an officially licensed product. Buyer beware!!!! Product is horrible

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