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Waterboarding generally simulates the feeling of drowning and gives the mental panic when water fills up your nose and mouth with no room for air. It, not merely water hosed at Funny I’m Simple Man I Like Doobies And Boobies Shirt your face. It’s doing it in a controlled way so there is no room for air until you start panicking. And then stop so you can breathe and do again until you panic. Imagine being drowned and revived in a swimming pool 50 times continuously. That’s what it’s like Tim Kennedy was army special forces. Legit as legit gets. He has done it many times. You’re taught how and how to survive it in a course called SERE, which you have to take before you’re a qualified and selected special forces member.

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Funny I'm Simple Man I Like Doobies And Boobies Tank Top
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You realize that this guy is Tim Kennedy’s former Green beret. He has absolutely been waterboarded as part of his training. He has deployed to Iraq multiple times as a Green Beret. I’m not agreeing with his post I think all the hits to the head during his career is really showing that post. I would assume a guy obsessed with guns/tactical gear is pro-torture. It’s not a good move to Funny I’m Simple Man I Like Doobies And Boobies Shirt come out and say you are pro-torture, so you just say stuff that isn’t obviously tortured to everyone isn’t tortured. A long time ago my brothers and I took turns waterboarding each other just to see what it felt like. It WAS excruciating. Anyone who says it’s not torture has never done it. None of us lasted very long before tapping out.

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Funny I'm Simple Man I Like Doobies And Boobies Sweatshirt
Funny I'm Simple Man I Like Doobies And Boobies Hoodie

I felt like I was dying, and that was while doing it voluntarily and knowing I could put a stop to it at any point I chose. I couldn’t imagine having it done to me in a prison-scenario for hours not knowing if or when they would ever stop. My parents went to Funny I’m Simple Man I Like Doobies And Boobies Shirt a spa day where one  involved having a towel over their faces while hot water was poured over. They described it as a horrifying experience and jokingly refer to the spa day as. They think it was and still think it was scary and uncomfortable. Based on their description, I can only imagine how horrible actual waterboarding is. One crucial factor is that you have to use cold water and not warm water which you usually shower with. Coldwater shocks your senses and gives you the sudden urge to gasp for air.

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