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What I love so much is that it seems like it’s the only Hollywood movie set in the Official 2020 Very Bad Would Not Recommend Shirt South that not every southern character is a redneck stereotype. Those characters are definitely there, and they all definitely have their southern drawl accents, but they seemed like actual people with values and motivations just like any other character. They treated that part of the country and its law system with the utmost respect in that film. She told him how much she loves Emperor’s New Grove rather than telling her that’s not what they were meant to be talking about, he transitioned in Kronk and started acting out the best lines. Seems like a really sound and down to earth kind of guy. That movie made me paranoid for YEARS. Made worse whenever someone talked about an experience that was just like mine.

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Absolutely convinced me I was being watched and I was the only one who didn’t know it.  It’s fun and exciting in an accessible way, while still being original for Official 2020 Very Bad Would Not Recommend Shirt a movie. It also has enough details and interesting concepts that you’ll likely be thinking about it for a good bit after finishing it. What’s it about? Think groundhog day, but an alien species is taking over the planet. They don’t really tell you this, other than characters repeatedly telling you its a shit hole to avoid, but all the enemies on Dathomir are super hard and you can’t progress past a certain point until you visit the other planets and unlock certain force abilities. However, the advantage to going to Dathomir first is acquiring the double-bladed Saber early. Why do you wish you did it in story mode? I’ve been trying on a higher difficulty and it’s been slow going cuz I’m just not very good.

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This isn’t the type of game I usually play but I love Star Wars so I’m giving it a try. I enjoy it but it’s pretty challenging for me. I don’t usually like going to the Official 2020 Very Bad Would Not Recommend Shirt lowest difficulty and breezing through games but might just have to. Mostly because like you said, I wasn’t very good at it lol. I miss time my parries all the time, dodge when I should jump, and I often confuse the overlapping controls and waste opportunities. It would’ve been nicer to just experience the story and feel like a badass cutting down stormtroopers. If you are skilled enough, you get rewarded by going early but most people are not so it’s not recommended. Just follow the main quest and you’ll be ok by the time you actually have to go. I think this vid is meant to look flashy as using your force powers like that would be pretty suboptimal given how limited it is on higher difficulties. So you were probably playing it well enough.

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