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I invited the dean to come watch our rehearsal for only 20 minutes and then go in my apartment to see whether or not this standard of housing was “acceptable.” Not only was my AC fixed the next day, but the thermostats for the entire marching band housing community were also unlocked (previously could not be set below 75 degrees). Heat and humidity is no joke, especially when you’re wearing 20 pound wool uniforms in the blazing august sun with 90-100% humidity. I live in NC and the Official Judge & Stanton Bronx Bash Bros 2020 Shirt humidity is just awful, you step outside and you’re suffocating in hot air. Since the humidity is so high there is no escaping it either, shade does nothing to avoid our hot humid air. Went to Vegas for my honeymoon and it was a trip.

Official Judge & Stanton Bronx Bash Bros 2020 Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Official Judge & Stanton Bronx Bash Bros 2020 V-neck
Official Judge & Stanton Bronx Bash Bros 2020 Tank Top
Tank Top

Sitting out at the pool because even though it was 90 degrees I was under a palm tree and it was noticeably cooler in the shade. Not used to shade actually doing something. I nearly died laughing the first time I went to Vegas and our uber driver was bitching up a storm about how hot it was. I told him to go discover what humidity is like. He just didn’t understand the concept of Official Judge & Stanton Bronx Bash Bros 2020 Shirt having such high humidity levels and heat that you’ll never be dry and soaking thru your underwear and pants with sweat is a thing. That being said, I despised summer my entire life, until I went to Vegas and discovered I just hate the humidity. Sure, it’s hot but at least the sweat evaporates, vs sweating thru your entire work outfit by 9am and just being wet and gross feeling all day. Koreans and a lot of other Asian cultures have this belief about food. They like to eat hot or spicy things when it’s blazing outside.

Official Judge & Stanton Bronx Bash Bros 2020 Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Judge & Stanton Bronx Bash Bros 2020 Hoodie
Official Judge & Stanton Bronx Bash Bros 2020 Sweatshirt

They argue that it forces you to sweat, which yeah, is uncomfortable, but then they follow it up with cold beers or drinks and blast the AC or fan. So, it’s a comfortable “routine.” You’re fed, now you have food coma, and you can bask in the AC or fan without guilt cuz you’re basically zoned out. It’s a lifestyle. I heard that growing up too, and even my science teacher in high school told us hot drinks on hot days and cold drinks on cold days (as long as you aren’t in danger of heat stroke or hypothermia). But the way the teacher explained it wasn’t that it made you sweat/shiver but that it was that. It helped to Official Judge & Stanton Bronx Bash Bros 2020 Shirt engage the bodies natural homeostatic processes, not just sweating and shivering. I have no idea if it’s actually true or not though.

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