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My brother and I don’t get along much nowadays, but I was always really impressed by how he and his then-girlfriend now wife really walked the walk. Both broke college kids, volunteered a ton in their local community. Brother coached youth football, drove around to Peace Love Kindness Hands Black Lives Matter LGBT Shirt pick the kids up who otherwise couldn’t get to practice games. Both very concerned about the environment – their view is essentially. It was incredibly refreshing to see people live like that after growing up in the burbs of GA, surrounded by right wing, church as a social group types. If more people did this versus asking for stimulus checks from their congregation like a lot of religious leaders right now or trying to ban abortion access in the name of COVID, the world would be a better place.

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Peace Love Kindness Hands Black Lives Matter LGBT Tank Top
Tank Top
Peace Love Kindness Hands Black Lives Matter LGBT V-neck

As a Christian I have always found this humbling and powerful. I think there’s merit to meeting on a Sunday, praising and learning theology and philosophy. Because what you believe shapes actions. This vignette puts into perspective that a substantial portion of “praise and worship” is actually doing something to aid those in need. The prophets in the Jewish (and therefore also Christian) tradition make it quite clear that justice, care for the Peace Love Kindness Hands Black Lives Matter LGBT Shirt poor and the like is not something to avoid. It’s one of the reasons that the Nations of Judah and Israel are sent into exile. Christian or not, I hope our country can flee greed and seek to serve. And I gotta start with me all religions share the same truth, covered in ritual.

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Peace Love Kindness Hands Black Lives Matter LGBT Sweatshirt
Peace Love Kindness Hands Black Lives Matter LGBT Hoodie

You can believe in Jesus as a mythological figure that represented the forces of a loving God on earth while acknowledging that stories from 2000 years ago might have been embellished. The conservative, hardcore strains of Christianity get all the press but there are lots of churches that aren’t that hung up on what you believe as long as you’re trying to live by Christian ideals. Judging all Christians by the Peace Love Kindness Hands Black Lives Matter LGBT Shirt bad ones is the same thing as judging any ethnic or religious group by the worst ones. It’s a shame the bad Christians are so prevalent. But being humble is a Christian value so the good ones aren’t going to be loud about it. I always tell people my religion is mostly about giving my money away. I used to work in finance before I became a Muslim so this part means a lot to me.

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