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One of the things that bother me the most in Harry Potter is the fact that criminals can’t opt to take Veritaserum in order to reveal if they committed a crime or not. I feel like that totally should have been an option, especially for people like Sirius Black. Probably because memories can be wiped, altered and their brain function fully changed. I’m getting veritaserum wouldn’t be able to make them tell the truth if it wasn’t even in Premium Black Girl Fisk University My HBCU Shirt their brain anymore. They probably don’t use it because they don’t know if the brain had been altered, so there was no way to be sure. Just my theory. Make a space shuttle out of one of those tents that are 10x bigger inside. Shrink down fuel cells and food until they’re needed to cut down on weight.

Premium Black Girl Fisk University My HBCU Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Premium Black Girl Fisk University My HBCU V-neck
Premium Black Girl Fisk University My HBCU Tank Top
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The list goes on i would really have loved to read Arthur Weasley talking about Muggle space travel. He gets so excited over the most mundane crap, bet the SpaceX launch would make him cream his pants. I mean some wizard claimed that he flew to the Moon on his broom and brought some Moon cheese as proof. We all know how gullible the common wizards are. Someone who knows their shit more than I do point out that according to fallout lore goals have to eat so, therefore, the goal child may have not been stuck in the Premium Black Girl Fisk University My HBCU Shirt fridge for 200 years. I believe this actually used to be a problem, children would play hide and seek with fridges and accidentally lock themselves in, which is why we now have magnets on the doors.

Official Premium Black Girl Fisk University My HBCU Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Premium Black Girl Fisk University My HBCU Sweatshirt
Premium Black Girl Fisk University My HBCU Hoodie

I’m actually a really big fan of the movie cars and honestly, you don’t need to be a big fan to think of logic inconsistencies. Like in cars three they have spray bottles. How do they spray them? They have paint jobs so if they are stripped from. Well, apparently not because in the mater tall tail short where he goes to Japan. When that one car loses the race he is is stripped from Premium Black Girl Fisk University My HBCU Shirt his modifications and he acts embarrassed like he was naked or something. Why do some buildings have regular sized doors? A car obviously can’t fit through one. I could go on and on and at this point, you probably stopped reading because you were already able to think of some of these. So I have always felt that cars have there owned world or universe. I have always felt they evolved like humans and maybe something that wasn’t a car but similar were the cavemen who evolved into the cars today.

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