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Why not make it a hidden storage, make it look like a wall but put a hinge and like a magnet handle that you can open it with. Or just a piece of metal inside and a powerful magnet to Premium Pineapple Flamingos Shirt open with. It will look exactly like a wall but it’s not. If I uncovered this during a renovation year down the line the heart attack would be nothing compared to the conniptions of infuriation that some idiot would willingly waste such useful storage space. Either they’re not really boarding it up and the picture was taken as a joke for karma. Or the house was inherited from grandma who died and they used to get sent in there when they misbehaved. Some people dont understand the value of a space when it’s free I guess. I went out of town months later. Came home exhausted.

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Premium Pineapple Flamingos V-neck
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This went on for the duration of our living together. Some how, he became Pete. Pete might appear if you went to the store or Pete might be there after you were gone for Premium Pineapple Flamingos Shirt a week. Pete was almost a third roommate. Life happened and we found spouses and had to move on. Before we went separate ways, I drew up a picture of Pete and another friend tattooed us. Other friend owns a shop, wasn’t some fly by night thing. But, Pete shares a space on my friend and I. A long time roommate and good friend was leaving for a couple of days. At some point, I figured it would be funny to re-purpose the coat rack and turn it into a human looking shape. I would then leave this monstrosity just inside his room, so when he opened the door, it would be looming there.

Official Premium Pineapple Flamingos Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Premium Pineapple Flamingos Sweatshirt
Premium Pineapple Flamingos Hoodie

As the days went by, I added a jacket. I added a skull from the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop. I filled the jacket sleeves with clothes to Premium Pineapple Flamingos Shirt fill them and make the arms pronounced. This fucker was spooky. If you caught him out of the corner of the eye, for a second, you would forget you put him there. This figure was now in my room. Roommate had dressed him up, the whole nine. You should add some random things as well. Like a box of tissues, lotion, a playboy mag, and a journal with really messed up entries about Covid-19. Saying how that became the only spot to ‘choke’ their chicken. I have the unreasonable fear of having monster spawning when closing up a spaces like that, doesn’t even happen with non lit part of the house, just fully closed-off spaces.

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