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I know it’s not easy, because I’ve been a victim of emotional abuse my entire life, but never normalize abuse of any kind. Abusers will do everything they can to Top Giraffe My Weekend Is All Booked Shirt keep you in a state of compliance. Falling into compliance can be easier than addressing the abuse but it’s how the abuse continues. Depending on where you are you can call the police and they will come in with you and even escort the dad off the property for op to get her stuff, based on how he acted I would keep moving a secret and make sure you either hire or get friends to help so it goes faster, and take any really important papers out in a purse so if he finds out he can’t hold them over your head. If they are gonna side with your dad, then fuck ‘em. If you are worried about their safety, then notify the authorities immediately. Unless you live somewhere under Martial Law, they would almost definitely take action.

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Hey just so you know, in many states it’s illegal to raise rent out of the blue. There is a process that has to happen to do that. You should find the laws in Top Giraffe My Weekend Is All Booked Shirt your state, show them to him, and refuse to pay the extra if you’re not moving out yet. You may say he can do whatever he wants since you’re his child, live there, and don’t have a lease. But unwritten leases are still leases, if you’re paying for the room then you are still a tenant. This is not love. This is not how love treats you. Love is patient and kind. Love does not keep a record of wrongs. Love does not attack your character and call you worthless. I don’t think she has any say in the price whatsoever. If she’s still staying and paying rent when she has somewhere else to stay then he’s clearly got complete control over her. He sounds fucking awful, needs a crack of a headbut.

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