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How are Vulcans not running all of Starfleet and the Federation. With their very long lifespan compared to humans, once one got a top-level position, they would stay there for way longer than most species would. Eventually, most positions would end up being most of the time. Vulcans tend to be insular and not overly ambitious. When Spock was Kirk’s first officer it was very unusual for Black Girl Hampton University My HBCU Shirt a Vulcan to be in Starfleet despite their role as co-founders of the Federation. They’re just not that interested in it and seem to have handed over a lot of control to humans. Gasoline is only good in cars for 6 months, in cans maybe a few years. In pumps, 5 years. In Zombieland, a comedy, whenever the cast would go into a building they would make noise to draw out and deal with the zombies first then do whatever they wanted.

Black Girl Hampton University My HBCU Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Black Girl Hampton University My HBCU Tank Top
Tank Top
Black Girl Hampton University My HBCU V-neck

Yet not once does TWD group ever clear out a building first, they stumble into them and someone always either gets bit or nearly gets bit. If you stick a pocket knife in a skull, you need both hands and a boot on the head to get it back. And if you’re weapon had nails on Black Girl Hampton University My HBCU Shirt it, it’s gone after one use. Barbwire, not a vast improvement. You risk getting it caught very easily. And finally, they have established multiple times the walkers smell like dead, rotting flesh. If you walk into a room or house that smells like dead rotting flesh, you know what the hell is in there. And if you’re walking around the woods and suddenly smell dead rotting flesh, you should know what the hell is near you. There is no reason they should ever sneak up on anyone. The one thing that really annoys me about TWD is that human skulls seem to be about as strong as a watermelon.

Official Black Girl Hampton University My HBCU Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Black Girl Hampton University My HBCU Sweatshirt
Black Girl Hampton University My HBCU Hoodie

Like it takes minimal effort to plunge a pocket knife through someone’s skull into their brain. Imagine having a skull that soft, a light fall could leave you permanently brain-damaged. There are so Black Girl Hampton University My HBCU Shirt many inconsistencies with this show that I could probably write an essay about it. You beat them to within an inch of their lives and then ca The only time they come out is to battle other creatures. It bugged me Steve had a nice house and a backyard with no visible source of income. I decided that he’d suffered a head injury in an accident and was living off of the insurance settlement. That also explains his memory issues like why he had to be reminded of the word every single episode.

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