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They are free in my area.  So much so that the city lets people dump them in a small lake. It’s not a natural lake or a clean one. It was formed by accident in the Top It’s Only Rock N Roll But I Like It Shirt 80s I think maybe 70’s and is a stagnant mess but it’s too costly to fix right now. So why not let farmers fill it with rocks. Other safe stone materials get poured into the lake a lot of concrete rubble is poured in as well, really any safe stone material is aloud. The access road is open on Sunday and Monday and Thursdays just roll up show the guy at the gate what you have and they let you take it and dump it. I’ve seen landscaping gravel and sand, old masonry, etc. If you try to take that stuff to the local dump they send you to the lake.

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Apparently the idea is it’s a cheap and easy way to crowdsource the same fill material they would already be buying for the project. John Dunsworth, the dude that played Lahey in Trailer Park Boys, had a great video on stone working. He said he’d see farmhouses with a bunch of stones on the side. He’d ask if he could have some and they’d normally say yes. I imagine if you knocked on the door and asked, a lot of them would say yes. There is a farmer’s field close to Top It’s Only Rock N Roll But I Like It Shirt my house, he has a giant Boulder that every 4 or 5 years he has to bury again because the frost keeps pushing it up. It’s too heavy to remove so when it gets high enough that his equipment hits it, he digs a big hole next to it and rolls it in.

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Top It's Only Rock N Roll But I Like It Sweatshirt
Top It's Only Rock N Roll But I Like It Hoodie

Everywhere the glaciers moved, they carried rocks of various sizes they had picked up along the way, churned up the soil, and pushed a berm of dirt in front of it. As the ice retreated, it left a terminal moraine at its farthest extent. Chunks of ice buried in the soil became lakes. And the deep, rich soil was left filled with stones. Imagine the farmers, American Indians, and Europeans, who had to go out Top It’s Only Rock N Roll But I Like It Shirt after the spring thaw and move these rocks every year without modern machinery. That was a backbreaking job, sometimes literally. It makes me appreciate the hardships our ancestors had to endure.

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