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I would agree but I live in a subtropical area, tends to be very humid during the hotter seasons, so I will die of heat even during, regardless. That and mosquitoes eat me alive, they love me for Top LGBT A Different World Shirt some reason. Then those flying, stinging bastards come out during that season too. Snowstorms suck but i’d rather work up a sweat doing yard work when its already cool as apposed to working up 8 buckets of sweat in the heat. If im shoveling a lot, i can just put on a tshirt if i get hot and im fine. I’ll upvote you because I disagree with you. Yeah hot and humid can suck, but grey and cold makes me depressed. Like actually seasonal affective disorder depressed. I’ll take any season over the one that doesn’t try to turn my head meats against me.

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I think it’s the shorter days in winter that get me. I drive to work in the dark and I drive home from work in the dark. That fucking sucks. In summer I drive to work and it’s already broad daylight and when I get home from work I still have ~3 hours of daylight and it feels kinda nice in the evening. I’ll bear the afternoon heat for the longer days. Then again, the Summer long sunshine hours also mean getting enough sleep can beore difficult too! Need the windows open because it’s hot, but then get woken up by birds at 4:30 am and can’t get back to sleep because it’s light. Really you find this the too hot ? I’ve been walking around with a jumper on Top LGBT A Different World Shirt. I was living over in Toronto for 4 and a half years so I must have gotten use to their summers.

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They are experiencing a heat wave and it’s been close to Top LGBT A Different World Shirt 40 over there. I’ve found the heat here really tolerable in comparison. Plus i enjoy wearing shorts and short sleeves and i hate wearing pants. In summer it seems like everything is alive and flourishing. In winter it just seems like everything is dead and everyone is depressed. And if i go outside without a freakin coat for 3 seconds i’ll get sick. It’s like the air is poison, man i really freaking hate winter.  I agree with you, and I even do sweat and get bitten by bugs occasionally. I just like that everyone is able to be outside playing, walking around, sitting on patios eating and drinking…it’s just a happy atmosphere imo. Winter bums me out, probably because it’s always gloomy looking in the winter where I live.

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