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There is something extremely fucked about the scene in interstellar. Where they go to Miller’s planet and once they manage to escape the giant wave at the last second. The last shot you see in the planet is their ship leaving in the distance and in the center is Doyle’s lifeless body face down on Fernando Alonso World Titles 2005 2006 Signature Shirtthe water. I have a fear of drowning so seeing them leave him like that really got me. The cop from saw 5 who throws jigsaws apprentice into that coffin thing before getting crushed to death between two walls. The panic, and brutality of the scene. You see his arm snap as he tries to hold the walls apart. I’d really like to watch through the series again but the though of that scene stops me. I could watch the first one no problem but it just gets too much and.

Fernando Alonso World Titles 2005 2006 Signature Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Fernando Alonso World Titles 2005 2006 Signature V-neck
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I really, really feel uncomfortable watching that. I’ve only seen it once and that was enough. My worst one, I think, is Poseidon Adventure. So the cast makes it all the way to the very end, there’s like 5 minutes left in the movie, they’re climbing the ladder that will lead to safety, and fucking Linda just falls off the ladder and dies. For me, it was accidentally happening onto Fernando Alonso World Titles 2005 2006 Signature Shirt the opening scene of “The Dirty Dozen”. It is the very graphic portrayal of the hanging of a very young and terrified GI during WWII. Poor kid keeps apologizing in the hopes that he’ll be spared, and lets out a huge gasp when they put a hood over his head as he realizes that his death is actually going to happen. It is very clinical and methodical, which adds to the horror.

Official Fernando Alonso World Titles 2005 2006 Signature Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Fernando Alonso World Titles 2005 2006 Signature Hoodie
Fernando Alonso World Titles 2005 2006 Signature Sweatshirt

The lady behind me had never watched the movie before and the sounds of her crying will never be forgotten. At first a bit funny but then you could tell it her a little close to home…and then later in the movie she was done again. And also the band who continued playing as the ship was sinking. They were all men so none of them got onto a lifeboat. So they continued playing to calm the people waiting for their deaths. Apparently their real life counterparts did this as well. Probably this guy in Fernando Alonso World Titles 2005 2006 Signature Shirt Black Hawk Down, so he was in this convoy truck and it got blown up by an RPG. Then one of the soldiers picked up his hand then saw the guy dying with half his body blown off. His last words? “Tell my girls I’ll be ok.” I saw that scene when I was a kid and it never left my head.

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