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For those that don’t know, DC tends to do soft reboots every once in a while which makes continuity difficult to parse. But there are usually through lines, and little changes are explained by the continuity shift. Currently, they’re trying to say all the old stories kind of did happen and the 2011 reboot wasn’t actually a hard reboot like they tried to pitch it as. I realize this doesn’t appear to make any sense, but in Black Girl Florida A And M University My HBCU Shirt reality, for most characters, it actually works if you don’t think too hard. Sometimes not even when there’s a continuity excuse. To the point where there are almost as many stories dealing with retconning her origins as there are stories about her doing her superhero thing in the last TEN YEARS, and unlike Hawkman, there is no clever way to connect that disparity.

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Its just a waste, is what I’m trying to say. Writers rewriting Superman’s origin but good God does it never stop for Wonder Woman. If they’d give her a few years to breathe and grow as a character instead of changing her origin which inevitably changes again, she’d be much more popular, which she deserves. And at least Superman has 2+ ongoing books even when they do decide to take his origin out Black Girl Florida A And M University My HBCU Shirt for a spin in a new miniseries. At least she has her perfect costume, finally. Speaking of Futurama and whales, in the first season they established that is because. When they stopped poaching them the number of whales exploded. As did their desire for human flesh to the point where people couldn’t go into the real ocean any more because it was too dangerous. Cut to an episode that takes place entirely in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Black Girl Florida A And M University My HBCU Sweatshirt
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Basically there are two groups of aliens having a war in space. Black goo aliens hybrid humans vs the blind aliens. The black goo aliens want to invade earth and use us as biomass to grow more soldiers. The government/syndicate makes a bargain for them to come back in Black Girl Florida A And M University My HBCU Shirt a few decades and we will turn ourselves over peacefully. They take the government’s children as collateral. This is Mulder’s sister. In the meantime, the syndicate is doing its own shady stuff in an attempt to block the aliens from invading. The blind aliens come along now and then the kill people that they think are being tested by goo aliens. This is the answer I came to. Also, the syndicate/govt isn’t just trying to block the aliens from invading, they’re trying to stall it from happening while they develop ways to fight the aliens.

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