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Let’s not forget, the guy in Funny Santa Jolly Red-Faced Non Existent Bastard Shirt in charge of getting needed supplies and testing kits is Jared Kushner whose sole qualification is being married to Trump’s daughter. A lot of his supporters believe this. I know a big Trump supporter who chains smokes and has a diet of Twinkies and Miller Lite tries to educate me on how mask doesn’t work. I’m not taking any health advice from him. No thanks. The thing supporters like his love are being told the good news about their bad habits! People like Trump and Palin and Pence know this and feed that crowd nonsense like this and whine when somebody like.

Funny Santa Jolly Red-Faced Non Existent Bastard Shirt, Tank top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

 Santa Jolly Red Faced Non Existent Bastard Sweatshirt - Design By
Santa Jolly Red Faced Non Existent Bastard Hoodie - Design By
 Santa Jolly Red Faced Non Existent Bastard V-neck - Design By
Santa Jolly Red Faced Non Existent Bastard Tank Top - Design By
Tank Top

Michelle suggests Funny Santa Jolly Red-Faced Non Existent Bastard Shirts they eat an apple. He is right. Cancer which you get from smoking kills your sarcasm. And this is why Trump’s think tank picked Pink-eyed Pence. He’s perfect at denying the logic and being a lap dog. So I guess in 2001 he had the tobacco industry in his pocket. Now he’s onto the oil industry, private prisons, what else? Smoking doesn’t kill, the side effects do! I remember 2001. When I discovered libertarianism and the book ‘in defense of smokers’ I haven’t seen it in decades and barely remember any of it. But I refuse to believe it.

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19 reviews for Funny Santa Jolly Red Faced Non Existent Bastard Shirt

  1. Jordan Mance (verified owner)

    First of all, I’ve bought hundreds of items on Amazon and rarely ever bothered writing a review because usually I’m not too impressed or disappointed. In my opinon, reviews are deserved when something either dramatically exceeds or misses expectations. In terms of this shirt, it really is an incredible value. The shirt is of really great quality, and there are so many little details that make it a worthwhile purchase. For instance, the sleeves at and below where the “seater” part of the shirt becomes tattoos are extremely tight, which really makes the “tattoos” wear very realistically. The “tattoo sleeves” are underneath the christmas sweater sleeves so it hangs down with a look that you’re wearing short sleeves. I’m really blown away by this item. I’m almost definitely going to buy more from Faux Real for other fun occasions. The quality of the shirt overall is well above what I would have expected for this price range. People pay more than this for lame tee shirts and this is on a totally different level with very complicated an realistic graphics! Well done Faux Real!

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Fits snug for it’s size, so I rated it Somewhat Small for fitment. But the real reason I returned was because I don’t know anybody that is as pale as the skin tone they used for this shirt. I’m very fair skinned and untanned, but it wasn’t even close to matching. These seem like they were modeled after Abraham Lincoln’s long arms, because despite the snug fit, the arms were too long causing the “tattoos” to bunch up lol. Couldn’t wear it to a party, not even as a joke. Amazon kindly refunded me in full.

  3. Jacksje4 (verified owner)

    Ordering process was smooth and the shirt arrived quickly. It’s a sheer T-shirt printed to look like the sweater & vest pictured. Up close it looks like a sheer T-shirt with a grainy print, but from a distance it looks like what you see in the pictures. The see-through tat sleeves are stitched to the short sleeves of the shirt and are very snug to give a very realistic appearance your arms are covered in tats. I typically wear a large size T-shirt for comfort, however I took the advice of others and ordered a medium, and I am glad I did. You will want a more snug fit with this shirt for the best look. Overall, not a bad product for the low price paid, however I doubt I will win the ugly Xmas sweater contest. I hope to at least get a lot of laughs and funny comments, though.

  4. Shawn (verified owner)

    OK… I had ordered a short sleeve FAUX REAL disco hairy chest guy for halloween and was very happy with it. Though it was a tiny bit small for a 2x.. So come Christmas I decided to go with a 3XL instead of a 2XL because all the reviews say they run small and since the 2X already was a little too small I went bigger.

    OK… yeah ummm… They need to go back to the drawing board on the sizes..The 3xl…. The sleeves fit.. But man the shirt was LOOOOONG. I mean I am 6ft 4 and it went down a foot past my waste.. I can only imagine how long it would go down on someone 5ft 11.. I mean I would expect that length in a 3XTALL but not 3XB….

    So I ordered a 2XL since I had a short sleeve version at Halloween and though a little snug for my taste it worked ok.. WELL.. The 2XL .. OMG the sleeves were tight and SHORT lol.. Like Who do they have designing these sizes? Why does the shirt go down to your knees but the sleeves are short? One reviewer described it as T-Rex lol. That works for me as well.

    Anyways .. I was cool with the short sleeve ones but until they get their long sleeve sizes figured out I am very disappointed

    Sending back the 3XL AND the 2XL.

  5. Kindle Customer (verified owner)

    I’m 5′ 11″ and 168 pounds. The medium is the right fit. The arms are tight as they should be and about 3/4 inch too long. The torso has a bit too much room, so it fits like a normal shirt. Which is ok since I don’t have the flat stomach like the model. So if you weigh up to 180 it would work.
    The large was too big for me everywhere.

  6. Brandon J. Wetzel (verified owner)

    Great ugly sweater! I wouldn’t really call it ugly though…more like an awesome bad a** Christmas shirt with tattoo sleeves attached :) I received nothing but compliments from both my Christmas parties I went to. I also wore it at my family Christmas get together and they all loved it too! Depending on your skin tone this shirt could match up very well and look even that much more realistic. I know that a bartender thought for sure that I had a bunch of tattoos on my arm with my mainly chest hairs out for the world to see. Only when I was standing right in front of her did she really take it all in and see that it was all fake. We both got a good laugh from it.

  7. kevin gavin (verified owner)

    Slightly Too large, should have ordered the medium, my own fault. 5ft7 11.7 stone. If your normally a medium to large go medium.

  8. MAG (verified owner)

    This shirt looks just like the photo and is quite hilarious!

    This shirt is both too small and too big, others mentioned that it was tight fit so I figured I would grab the large as I am usually a medium (6’1″ – 180lbs). The shirt is, for sure a large and a bit baggy on me, I was contemplating sending back as I need a medium; however, the sleeves are tight! If I went with a medium the sleeves would probably be much to tight on my arms and wrist.

    I wish I could have tried on a medium to see as if I send this back for an exchande and the medium also doesn’t fit…just cant win.

    Still, overall this an a great looking shirt that seems to be well made. I will update if anything falls apart after I wash it in hot water in an attempt to shrink it.

  9. Paul Wright (verified owner)

    Not really a sweater, but a very thin, cheap pullover. Ordered an XL, but is more like a 2XL

  10. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    All good

  11. Brian (verified owner)

    The detail and materials aren’t bad. But this is skin tight. If that’s what you want, great. If not order one size larger. The arm and torso length is generous as well.

  12. Holly (verified owner)

    Just ok. Returned this item.

  13. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    My son is small and said this shirt was tight on the arms and itchy. He was very uncomfortable in it.

  14. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    The upper sleeves were uncomfortably tight.

  15. Fergus (verified owner)

    Good quality and realistic went down welll at Xmas party

  16. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    was expecting more of a sweater. More like an athletic shirt

  17. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Stitching came undone after 1 wash.

  18. D. Hall (verified owner)

    Really didn’t like the material this shirt was made from. Very uncomfortable.

  19. Kindle Customer (verified owner)

    The seams were sewn way off at the shoulders. I returned this shirt because it was very poorly made, not because it was 3 1/2 weeks late.

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