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I wish I had the link but some Medieval combat recreationists did a round robin of spear vs swords, shields, blunt weapons. Spears won like 2/3rds of the time. They feinted to the Good Don’t Mess With Bulldogmom Shirt head and stabbed in the gut a lot. Interesting thing though was none of the designated spearmen had practiced much with the spear. And swords were less commonly used. As far as i know they were a mere side arm. It was mostly pole arms and bows that were used primarily. And clubs were one of the most effective weapons in our history, my favourite being the “goedendag” meaning good day. And let me tell you, after being hit by a “goedendag” you are no longer having a good day. Interesting, there’s a common nordic saying which in Swedish would be (good day axe shaft) which basically is a humorous reply to someone saying something very.

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Nonsensical or daft. It doesn’t seem to Good Don’t Mess With Bulldogmom Shirt be related to ‘goeden dag’, but interesting to me nevertheless. Please correct me if I am wrong but I remember some documentary speaking about how rare the metal was and that blacksmithing wasn’t their best skill for arsenal. Since stealing and pillaging were their main motto…why build swords when you can have them free? They had excellent smiths, and the raiding and pillaging were not a constant thing. They were farmers , artisans, and traders as well. You can’t support a large population on plunder alone. One possible etymology for the word German/Germanic uses the word Ger, a Proto-Germanic word for spear. So we know from that, as well as Tacitus’s Germania.

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Good Don’t Mess With Bulldogmom Sweatshirt
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That the Germanic tribes primarily used the spear as their weapon even before the Vikings emerged from the northern tribes. Now, why did the Germanic tribes use the Ger? I’d wager because it’s relatively easy to make, versatile (throw able and able to be used both in Good Don’t Mess With Bulldogmom Shirt close combat and from a bit more of a distance), and doesn’t use too much material and thus cheaper. A spear can also be easier to use than a sword in thick forests, since stabs have a much smaller profile, and swings are not used. Plus their smelters were unable to smelt large quantities of iron around the time of rome, and many tribes were semi nomadic, so it was easier to carry a spear than a sword and work with the limiting factor of the amount that could be smelt at once.

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