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It all depends on the situation. For example, my uncle grew up in the boonies and someone down the road let their dogs run free all the time. One day they got into my uncles chicken coop and killed half his chickens that he relied on for Infinity Gauntlet Fuck Corona Shirt food. He went and shared words with the neighbor and nothing changed, and less than a month later the dogs got in again and killed more chickens. He shot the dogs because 25 chickens is a lot of lost meat and eggs over the course of a season. Is that any different than a cat hunting carrier pigeons? It’s a source if income being preyed upon by pests (poorly controlled pets). Keep your pets under control and don’t let them ruin other peoples livelihoods.

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Years ago when my kids were little we used to have rabbits. I built a nice little rabbit hutch, a fenced run and they each got to name one and it was all really nice. Then one of Infinity Gauntlet Fuck Corona Shirt our neighbor’s dogs got loose and into our yard and killed both of them, in front of my daughters. I was pretty angry, but marched down and talked to the dog’s owner (who first denied it), went and looked at his fence with him, saw where the dog had worked a way through. I helped him fix his fence, and all seemed well. Two more rabbits, we started over. Then one day a cat got in and killed one of the rabbits, and two days later came back and killed the other one. That was the end of that, no practical way to keep cats out without turning the rabbit pen into the fort.

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So let me get this straight, you knew that previous poisonings had happened and yet you continued to let your cats roam free when you knew there was a risk? That makes you a pretty irresponsible pet owner. Also not mentioning the fact that OP knew her cats were possibly killing someone else’s birds, and maybe they were trying to keep their animals safe? Not saying poisoning cats is the best option but if they were slaughtering their birds as cats are wont to do then. So it’s okay for your cats to Infinity Gauntlet Fuck Corona Shirt hunt and kill their pigeons but them trying to save their pets isn’t? If you have an infestation you kill that infestation. They likely don’t even know if the cats are stray or not just know some cats are trying to kill their birds. If you kept your cats inside and off their property it wouldn’t be an issue.

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