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They get certification which allows them to work as a peace officer. It can be revoked but that doesn’t happen nearly often enough considering how many simply. Bounce from department to department with a phone book’s worth of complaints and investigations in their jacket. I’ve never thought about that. Man, our generation is awesome. We’ll rotate games each day, like I don’t like but if 50 other homies in the home are trying to raid.  So far, none have and I’ve been contacting the departments to Hairdresser Never Mind My Hair I’m Doing Yours Shirt find out why. One department has contacted back and said that they do. Reference checks and leaving not in good standing would be disqualifying, but I want to know why that isn’t expressly stated. In the UK Nursing is a degree, but the majority of the time in their degree is spent on placement.

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I think the problem is really less about the certs and more about the litigious culture in the US – police have always had the power to expel dirty or overly forceful cops. But they can’t because doing so is legally considered as admitting vault and costing the department a shit ton of money. Even if they just dock their pay, that’s basically admitting that they did something they weren’t meant to. I’m not sure if that’s standard practice, but we have required training every month in my department. You would think it would be the norm, whether to retrain what’s been taught or to Hairdresser Never Mind My Hair I’m Doing Yours Shirt keep officers updated on the changes. I know it’s a tough sell these days, but I’ve long maintained the belief that the police are underpaid, undertrained, and undereducated.

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It’d be nice if they were personally liable and required to carry malpractice insurance too. The insurance company gets full access to all disciplinary records to set their rates. We wouldn’t have to rely on someone to fire problem cops, they’d just get priced out of the profession or rendered uninsurable. I think the issue is with the training in general, not the duration. Policing is something that largely needs to be learned in the field- under close and strict direction. But there definitely should be some major changes in Hairdresser Never Mind My Hair I’m Doing Yours Shirt police policy and training.  Too many shitty people who shouldn’t be cops wind up being them, and the average good guy police officers reputations suffer as a result.

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