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A channel that talk about guns so much is surprisingly apolitical. He mentions firearm laws form time to time, but it’s usually in the context of how it drives firearm design. With almost no commentary whether the laws are good or bad. I have seen hundred of videos on that channel and I still have no idea about Ian’s position on the 2nd amendment. Despite him being an avid gun collector and run a large firearms channel. In an AMA he said he was opposed to all gun control or something of the sort. And the most political commentary I’ve seen from him is also in that AMA where he says he hates all politicians and in screenshots of LGBT We The People Means Everyone 2020 Women’s Shirt comments when he condemns people supporting racism, usually in videos about Rhodesian or South African guns. I just love how he keeps it all separate though, it just makes it a nice place in gun youtube, where half the guys end up complaining about politics more than actually showing me cool.

LGBT We The People Means Everyone 2020 Women’s Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

LGBT We The People Means Everyone 2020 Women’s Tank Top
Tank Top
LGBT We The People Means Everyone 2020 Women’s V-neck

What makes the channel so good is that it’s so pure. Here is a gun, let’s talk about the guy/company who made it, what it was made for, and then jump into the detailed design of LGBT We The People Means Everyone 2020 Women’s Shirt it. Maybe shoot it if it’s a really cool one. Historical context of these guns are absolutely incredible sometimes. For those who are not aware people have called the host of the channel Forgotten Weapons Ian Mccollum Gun Jesus because of his wealth of knowledge on firearms and because he has long flowing hair and facial hair. Ask A Mortician. Caitlin Doughty is funny, relatable, and educational. She talks about all sorts of death-related topics, and she does a great job of destigmatizing it without overwhelming the viewer. Want to know what happens to a body during cremation.

Official LGBT We The People Means Everyone 2020 Women’s Sweatshirt, Hoodie

LGBT We The People Means Everyone 2020 Women’s Sweatshirt
LGBT We The People Means Everyone 2020 Women’s Hoodie

She’s got that. Want to know about non-standard funeral ideas? She’s got that. Want to know about how Rasputin’s penis was passed around like a religious relic for like 90 years after his death? She’s got a video on that, too. Yes, really. I can’t recommend her enough. She makes topics around death accessible, and it makes it a bit easier to confront and deal with. Talking and learning about death doesn’t have to be taboo. It can be interesting, surprising, and even fun to learn about. This just made my heart crack open; my mum died when I was two and I was literally just thinking a couple of days ago about how the grout in LGBT We The People Means Everyone 2020 Women’s Shirt my (rental) bathroom never really looks clean. Going to YouTube to investigate.

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