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The REAL problem is that the police are not going to Nice Be Like Mike Tyson Shirt attack people who are ready to shoot back. The BLM protesters (NOT the rioters or looters) would likely, I imagine, be less likely to be attacked by police if they too were armed. Black people, as well as other minorities, need to arm themselves with their inalienable right to bear arms, and maybe the police will start backing off. Unarmed, you are an easy target for the police. This is WHY we stand for the 2nd Amendment. To keep the pigs at bay. Anti-gun people, who are BLM supporters, are inviting the police to abuse them because the cops are not scared of unarmed people. I love guns and am 100% behind the protestors. The entire point of the second amendment is to protect the first.

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It’s why I give money to the ACLU as well as second amendment groups that aren’t the NRA. Or, you can stop voting for people that let you keep your guns in exchange for removing human rights? What good is 2A if it comes at the price of dignity, safety, and happiness and y’all are okay with it because somehow guns will restore all those rights back if we really really want them? Women are increasingly unable to access safe abortions or even contraception. Gays are discriminated against. Minorities are attacked or killed for stupid reasons and their murderers get away scot-free. We have children in Nice Be Like Mike Tyson Shirt concentration camps at the border. And this is especially true when Gerrymandering comes into play. It’s not enough to just vote. We have to vote in such numbers that it overwhelms the system already stacked against us. A system voted in by the 2A crowd.

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And if not Gerrymandering, there’s other ways to stop the “wrong” people from voting. The Republicans of Wisconsin, those pro-2A politicians, decided that during a pandemic they will close all but 2 polling stations in the city of Milwaukee for an election. They refused to postpone or allow time for mail-in ballots, an election where they stood to lose if it happened as normal. You people voted in those politicians who have blatantly called for voter suppression. You voted, by proxy, for the oppression of the rights we are supposedly supposed to use to keep all those dignities, rights, and happiness we really really want if we didn’t want to resort to having to forcefully take them with violence. What kind of message are you selling when you say.If you want your rights, you can either peacefully resist a stacked system we voted in Nice Be Like Mike Tyson Shirt , or you can potentially fight back with violence.

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