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I saw a Redtails logo the other day and was a little disappointed. They used a older model P-51 mustang. If they do become the Redtails I really hope they use the P-51 D model of Official Bed Food Hockey Summer 2020 Shirt the mustang for the logo. The D model was the plane that helped turn the tide of the air war in Europe and the Tuskegee airmen did fly them. While I appreciate the historical significance of using the P51D over the older P51, I just wanted to thank you for further helping to prove my theory that no matter the hobby or topic, there will always be at least one rivet counter. The cold thing I don’t know but my great grandpa had a belief that when it’s hot outside, you should drink a hot cup of coffee cause it makes you sweat and your sweat cools you down.

Official Bed Food Hockey Summer 2020 Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Official Bed Food Hockey Summer 2020 Tank Top
Tank Top
Official Bed Food Hockey Summer 2020 V-neck

Not sure how much truth is in that but hey, the man never complained about heat. Sweating is our body’s natural response to heat, because it allows the excess heat to be used to evaporate the secreted water. I’m not sure slightly heating the inside of your body with coffee helps in the way your great grandpa believed, but I haven’t seen any research for or against that belief. While sweating does help cool the body down, it very much depends on what biome you live in. I’ve lived in the southern U.S. my entire life and it has always been 80-100% humidity there. Sweat relies on the water being excreted by the body evaporating to Official Bed Food Hockey Summer 2020 Shirt cool the rest of the system. This does not happen when the humidity is so high that it doesn’t evaporate. If the air you’re in cannot physically absorb more water, then you’re fucked.

Official Bed Food Hockey Summer 2020 Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Bed Food Hockey Summer 2020 Hoodie
Official Bed Food Hockey Summer 2020 Sweatshirt

Find some air conditioning. We regularly had to cancel summer activities when I was a kid because you would literally die from heat stroke when your body couldn’t cool down due to there being too much moisture in the air already. I was in marching band in college at a school in south georgia. Not only was band camp a harrowing experience due to the heat, it was abject misery because of the sandy soil being a prime breeding ground for gnats. I shit you not, every breath I took on that field was mass genocide the likes of which the world has never seen for those gnats. My sophomore year I moved into on Official Bed Food Hockey Summer 2020 Shirt campus housing early because of band camp and the AC didn’t work. After spending the entire day out in the sun and 90+% humidity, I had some choice words for the housing department.

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