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I thought you could get into serious trouble with the Bar if you file a lawsuit that has no chance of success and then a complaint is filed against you. If it’s just providing legal advice a lawyer would be fine, but if they file a case, it’s not supposed to be spurious and obviously worthy of Original Feeling Kinda Idgaf Ish Today Shirt dismissal. Of course, this probably is enforced to different degrees in different areas. If I could pay online to be an attorney like I can to be a Duke of a country or own a piece of space, I would take this case right now. In 20 short years, we’d be ready for trial. Yes, she blames the national government’s “restrictive interpretation” of the rules even though the rules list all 14 non-EU countries allowed to enter and even if people do enter they have to quarantine for 14 days which they weren’t willing to do either.

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Tank Top
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It’s a tenth of Original Feeling Kinda Idgaf Ish Today Shirt an hour, so it makes billing easier. Plus, if you charged by the straight hour, you’d charge a lot more (which clients generally don’t like). If you’re paying $300 an hour, and I work for 45 minutes, you’d pay $300 if I billed by the whole hour but only $240 if I’m billing in 6 minute increments. That’s interesting to think that rich people only sue to place blame and not actually make money . I’d never thought that was a thing but of course it is- people love to be right! Makes a lot of sense. I have a few pilot friends that fly internationally pretty regularly, all their insta stories seem to indicate they get to at very least head to a hotel and quarantine if they’re not flying. It’s a mental health issue bred from a lifetime of getting their own way no matter what so I shouldn’t take the piss too much. People like this need specialist help to cure, or at least temper, their condition.

Official Original Feeling Kinda Idgaf Ish Today Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Original Feeling Kinda Idgaf Ish Today Sweatshirt
Original Feeling Kinda Idgaf Ish Today Hoodie

Can’t tell from the report, but a stopover in Original Feeling Kinda Idgaf Ish Today Shirt Birmingham might have been for fuel (small airport in Sardinia vs big one in the UK, prices accordingly) and crew rest – the pilots would likely have hit their maximum endurance, and obviously there wasn’t a planned “turn around and fly home the same day”. BHX has facilities for private flights and is cheaper than e.g. Stansted (which also handles general aviation traffic), but is also nice and big and easy to fly in and out of, which is an inevitable consideration for sensible pilots unexpectedly being told they need to fly a short-notice extra leg. Birmingham will probably have even been a diversion option on the way in. Some rich people – from personal experience and from friends who worked at events put on for the uber-wealthy.

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