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I don’t understand why they aren’t using whatever they put in the Premium E. Honda Sumo Shirt Hilux. I feel sorry for the US in terms of the car market, it’s neoliberalism and absurd protectionism at the same time. I wouldn’t touch an American car even if it were the cheapest one available. Toyota or Honda for normal people, and if you’re rich it doesn’t matter in the slightest because you pay people to deal with that. Cars are big, heavy expensive things to ship around, and tend to be subject to all sorts of tariffs. If the market’s big enough, it might well be worthwhile to build a factory close to your customers. I had a great time car-watching in our long taxi ride from Pudong to downtown. Tons of diesel Jettas (and another small VW sedan I’d never heard of) as taxis. I loved the clear plastic bubbles the drivers were encapsulated in. And how half of our cabbies were watching videos on their phones while they drove – passing the phone from one hand to another while they shifted or turned.

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You’re right about the weird mix of vehicles to Premium E. Honda Sumo Shirt Several domestic brands I’d never heard of, as you’d expect, usually with hilariously long alphanumeric model names. I’d always heard that Buicks were popular in China and, sure enough, it was like every 5th car was some small, rebadged Buick I’d never seen before. But there were a surprising number of Highlanders and CR-Vs and Nissans seemingly identical to what we have here in NA, intermingled with a hodgepodge of long-wheelbase Ford Edges and other quasi-familiar Frankenstein cars. And the occasional Borgward. That American factory worker making your parts doesn’t give a shit. It’s pure lowest bidder action…if they can make the parts close to the plant where the cars are made, they drastically save on both shipping costs and tariffs. It’s highly unlikely that the part is superior.

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Premium E. Honda Sumo Sweatshirt
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It’s quite possible that the machinery, raw materials, etc are actually inferior to compensate for the higher labor cost. And, in fact, the American worker is probably still getting absolutely fucked on his wages to try and remain competitive with foreign workers. I worked at the Honda plant in Marysville for a few years as well as a plant that made parts for Honda before I joined the military. People are surprised when I tell them how much of the car is actually made in Ohio. I know the Ridgeline wins for medium trucks. The Tacomas have Japanese engines, while Tundra engines are made in Premium E. Honda Sumo Shirt Missouri, i believe. Tacoma is right after Ridgeline for medium, and I believe the engineering for it is still in Texas. I work in car rental, and get a lot of customers demanding an American car. I get to have a lot of fun pointing out how few cars these days are by their definition.

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