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The game is out to mess with our heads. It rained on my island yesterday and I had a green mum spawn out of a single yellow and a single purple that I’d just dumped behind a villager house. Oh, I know, it’s just what are the odds that the random flowers I plonked down in an unorganised fashion happened to Premium Weed Plant Whisperer Shirt produce one of the rarest flowers in the game. If other people visit your island to water while it’s raining, their watering will count toward the bonus. Otherwise, any method that does not involve another player from another console will not count toward the bonus. Having a villager water, having another character on your island water, and having rain water will not count toward your bonus. If you put weeds near each other, eventually they spread, but they won’t specifically make different variations based on the appearances and traits of the parent weeds.

Premium Weed Plant Whisperer Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Premium Weed Plant Whisperer Tank Top
Tank Top
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I consider them the game’s true enemy. I find it quite odd they exist when so much about the spirit of Animal Crossing has been about experimenting with the limits of your own creativity. We can curate EVERYTHING from what our villagers say, to the town tune (effectively the way they say it even!), the flag, the museum; we can move buildings, terraform rivers and cliffs, we’re in control of Premium Weed Plant Whisperer Shirt who does and doesn’t live on our island, plant what we want, uproot what we want, design our own clothes and yet these dickholes. It’s because weeds don’t actually count against your island evaluation. They will only cause issues if they clutter an acre too much. They don’t lower or raise points in any way and can be used for decorating, same with star fragments, mushrooms, branches, and other naturally found items.

Official Premium Weed Plant Whisperer Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Premium Weed Plant Whisperer Sweatshirt
Premium Weed Plant Whisperer Hoodie

Unfortunately, I’d been using them as a sort of tall grass in the spring, so my front yard went from being an unmowed lawn to a mess of dandelions. Really threw off the look I was going for. The flowers don’t change. You get snow on top of your fences and trees though. I haven’t time traveled; I have a southern hemisphere island. It started snowing this month, and the snow finally stuck to the Premium Weed Plant Whisperer Shirt ground last week. I mean, irl it pretty much is a chad weed – we spend so much time and money fighting them and they just pop up constantly whereas a lot of flowers if we look at them funny . I think if you have space and put down a transparent custom path on the ground where you don’t want them to grow you can avoid them popping up. Not sure. I also have been trying to use bushes and hedges and other items to box in flowers I don’t want procreating but yeah the struggle.

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