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As lots of folks said it’s usually a brain death from anoxic injury due to respiratory depression from the opioids. Unfortunately, many overdose deaths are folks who’ve been using for some time and may have damaged their organs in other ways. My dad died of a multi-drug overdose-related anoxic brain injury two years ago and had opted to be an organ donor, but unfortunately, none of Snoopy After God Made Me He Said Tada Shirt his organs were viable from a long, hard, fast life. Cirrhotic/hepatitis to the liver, cardiomegaly from cocaine, lungs trashed from smoking, acute kidney injury… Lots of things addicts due can cause a deterioration before the overdose. Very happy for this man and the deceased person’s family to have this moment. An opioid overdose happens when the body has been overloaded with either medication or an illicit drug.

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Because they affect the part of the brain that controls breathing, if opioid levels in your blood are too high, your breathing can slow down to dangerous levels, which could even cause death. As a lot of people have chimed in, opioid OD is usually due to respiratory depression failure. This actually means the heart and most organs are still viable for donation. Opioids work on specific receptors in Snoopy After God Made Me He Said Tada Shirt the central nervous system, namely the mu, delta, and kappa receptors- blocking these allow for pain relief. Finally, the heart is capable of functioning on its own outside the body entirely as it works through self-regulated conduction! Don’t you mean exciting those receptors? Opioids well the ones that are abused are agonists to those receptors. But was resuscitated to the point of being a vegetable or dying from his aspiration pneumonia or other complications in the hospital.

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It’s antagonists that block receptor action, an example of an opioid antagonist that shuts down receptors is naltrexone. Odds are the person was a vegetable and they pulled the plug. I can tell you that none of the overdoses who die from the overdose will be used for Snoopy After God Made Me He Said Tada Shirt organs, there just isn’t time to prepare. They don’t toss someone’s body into the surgical room immediately after death unless that’s the already established game plan. What kills you with an opioid overdose is typically hypoxia from losing their respiratory drive and consciousness. Sometimes the thing that kills them is aspiration pneumonia, where they inhale their vomit or trismus which is where they get lockjaw badly enough they can’t breathe which can happen until death with certain fentanyl analogs. This kid probably OD’d like they normally do.

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