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In classical music, percussionists do need to actually practice and rehearse their triangle parts. Sometime it’s more about getting the tinkling to “vibe” with the orchestra and to Top Guitar Bass Eadg Shirt silence efficiently. There is a lot more there than people think. Tamborine too, one of those things made me look like an ass in the studio. Im the drummer so of course i can play a dang old tambo. Fucking engineer had to come in and do it. I had to put some time in. There’s so much of that in the recording process, especially when you’re in a band full of creative types who are “good” but not “great” at their instruments. The guy who writes most of the songs riffs and plays rhythm guitar could not play a melody and control his wah-wah pedal at the same time. The song called for the wah-wah to move up and down with the 1-2-3-4 in the drumbeat.

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But every time he hit a note, his foot would move with that note instead. We couldn’t stop laughing as we recorded him playing the melody and my foot moving the pedal up and down. Took him about a month of frustration to finally figure out the guitar version of rubbing his stomach and patting his head at the same time. Any thoughts as to why? I’d guess it’s because percussion is usually more of Top Guitar Bass Eadg Shirt an instant strike/sound but tambourine can be more of a flick/stop with a slight lag before the sound which throws the instinctive timing off. That said I have the rhythm of an epileptic white boy being electrocuted so it’s just a guess. In your example, I tambourine has a slower attack, compared to a snare, because of the little cymbals.

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You have to have an ear for it and be more of a Ringo and less of a Mitch Mitchell, if that makes sense. Use your ears and step away from the Top Guitar Bass Eadg Shirt mic so that you’re adding to the sound and not defining it. Taking it from a guitarists perspective, imagine putting a delay on your sound and then removing the original sound of the guitar, leaving only the delay. If it’s a short delay, you could probably hit your chords, the attack, before the other instruments are heard, so that your sound lands along with the others. It’s a mind fuck, and maybe needs a beer or two of practice, but eventually your can stagger your impact to compliment the other sounds. He probably fed you a delayed headphone mix, to fuck you up so that he could have his big moment in the sun. Set the mix to delay like 40ms, and just hit bypass every now and then.

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