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As someone who lives in Sardinia, I am happy that the regional authorities are enforcing the rules against people who simply don’t think they apply to Top Wazzup Mga Ka Noo Shirt them and especially from the USA where there are so few people respecting social distancing rules and where the virus is spreading faster than ever. I gotta admit that I totally raged when I saw those young people doing spring break in Florida in the middle of the Pandemic. It fucking sucks that they will most likely get nothing (and they know that too) but that they will endanger so many people because of their selfishness. It’s just really unfair and that’s infuriating. Old people can just be nice and behaving, just chilling in their retirement homes and it only needs one selfish asshole who doesn’t respect security measures to kill them all.

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Take comfort in the possibility that some of Top Wazzup Mga Ka Noo Shirt those young spring breakers may in fact have contracted mild short lived cases with life long and seemingly unrelated side effects. Wow that makes me sound like a monster but at >4 months on the frontlines of this war I’ve officially switched sides because the human animal as a whole is really not worth saving. The flight departed from the US, and travel to the EU from the US is currently banned. And they offered to allow the europeans on the flight to stay — it was specifically the americans on the flight that they wouldn’t allow to enter under any circumstances. Hence the title: “americans turned away”. The group of around ten adults and children, which also included one Italian national, two Brits, two Germans and a New Zealander, were stopped upon landing at Elmas airport in Cagliari on Wednesday morning.

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EU citizens and residents, as well as their immediate family members, are allowed to return from the US. But they must quarantine for Top Wazzup Mga Ka Noo Shirt 14 days upon arrival. Fanari told local newspaper L’Unione Sarda that her group had “authorisation” from. The Sardinian authorities before travelling, and that on arrival they had offered to get tested and quarantine themselves at a rented holiday house. How dare they trying to enter a country that was and is still so stricken by the pandemic when the statues governing entry into said country are crystal clear! I for once am glad the authorities turned them away. In fact, maybe they should have been subject to criminal charges for endangering the public health. By trying to enter the country anyway, you are breaking the law, therefore making you a criminal.

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