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I would have my mom with me everywhere I go but I’m not allowed to have anyone with me during any hospital or doctor’s office visits because of COVID. Unfortunately, I am forced to be alone during this entire journey and that makes it very hard to get all of. My questions answered and advocate for Trump Pence Make America Great Again 2020 Shirt myself. I think that’s why it’s taken so long to diagnose me. I’m so fatigued all the time I can’t think straight, but I can’t have someone with me to keep it together and make sure we get all of the information. I’ve taken to recording the doctor or just calling my mom during appointments with them when they allow that to try to cover all my bases, but it’s still hard to get a complete picture sometimes. My doctors ALWAYS allow me to call my mother. It’s just that she has a full-time job and 5 other children so she’s not always able to answer the phone.

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In those cases, I record the visits to talk to her about later.  There’s been a time or two where I forgot to do both, because I was hospitalized and sleeping when the Trump Pence Make America Great Again 2020 Shirt doctor popped up into my room, and I was so drowsy I couldn’t process what he was saying, much less remember where tf I put my phone and glasses, or have the sense to call or record. My brother died from a brain tumor. I actually believed he would be like those Reader’s Digest stories and make it through. Even after they operated on him and told me and my sister, “Unless he manages to get outside and get run over by a bus, he will die from this. I cringe when others are told to just fight, don’t give up, it’ll work out if you want it badly enough or the worst – prayers work, God works miracles. So, my 45-year-old brother didn’t qualify to live.

Official Trump Pence Make America Great Again 2020 Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Trump Pence Make America Great Again 2020 Sweatshirt
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My mom is stage 4 right now. She’s absolutely drained and in pain. She is literally the toughest person I know and I love her so much. She is not at this stage because she’s not fighting hard enough, fuck no. Sometimes that’s just how things are. Not sure what I wanted to Trump Pence Make America Great Again 2020 Shirt say with this comment, but I wanted to say I’m so sorry for your loss. I mean that sincerely, because you don’t truly know how horrible this really is until you’re living it, and it truly is the worst time of my life. It wasn’t your mom’s fault and it’s not my mom’s fault, sometimes things just fucking suck and that’s that. Well technically not the fastest, those ones are usually destroyed. The accepted sperm is usually somewhere in the middle of the pack. So more like the luckiest sperm.

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