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That person’s first mistake was using Mars Guo. Then they didn’t take the obvious shortcut. I stopped watching after that. I’ve beaten the game many times. That track is the worst. The top track is so annoyingly difficult to stay on and falling off means you lose the race. It’s bad design. Just go slow on the top track and catch up if needed. Is there anyone here who actually beat this game? I got all the way to Gabagool It’s What’s For Dinner Vintage Retro Shirt the last few courses but couldn’t get first on one or two of them. The one in particular that drove me fucking insane is this giant piece of shit level. It’s on the stage called Executioner. You go through several anti-gravity tunnels in this stage. When you exit the first one, you’ll see a concrete tunnel you are suppose to follow.

Gabagool It’s What’s For Dinner Vintage Retro Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Gabagool It's What's For Dinner Vintage Retro Tank Top
Tank Top
Gabagool It's What's For Dinner Vintage Retro V-neck

Instead of going through it, crash into the corner of the fence on the right side like I do in the video and you should glitch through. I have also been able to ramp over the top of the fence before. So not only is this a totally cool glitch, but it also made me realize something. There is something about hidden areas specifically in N64 games (well, 64-bit games I guess), that gives me these weird “looking into Gabagool It’s What’s For Dinner Vintage Retro Shirt another world” feeling. It’s a feeling that’s equal parts fascinating and eerie, and this video hits that feeling super hard given the emotional bonus points of looking into outer space. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there who had the same feeling, even something as simple as looking out a window you normally couldn’t reach, it felt like leaving reality and gazing into something else entirely.

Official Gabagool It’s What’s For Dinner Vintage Retro Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Gabagool It's What's For Dinner Vintage Retro Sweatshirt
Gabagool It's What's For Dinner Vintage Retro Hoodie

There’s a minor version of Gabagool It’s What’s For Dinner Vintage Retro Shirt that feeling with other eras of games but it’s strongest by far in N64 games. Maybe because they were always just a bit uncanny anyway, but wow, this video sure proved that sensation is still a thing for me. Seems more and more like this game was just straight up ported from the N64/arcade versions. I’m definitely going to be purchasing it at that low of a price but, it definitely seems minimal effort was put into it. So tell me again why they can’t port and sell more N64 games. Does anyone know whether there are colourblind settings? Had this as a kid and loved it but never knew when to repair my engines as I couldn’t tell they were damaged. Didn’t know I was colourblind back then, just thought you had to guess. I would just repair them all the time.

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