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As the father of a 1-year-old, I can assure you all that this phase doesn’t last long. After 9 months it would be grab-inspect-place in the mouth faster then you could stop him. Egyptians believed there were no female dung beetles, that they reproduced by ejaculating into balls of Have You Seen The Mothman Butterfly Shirt dung, and because of that they related it to their gods and made it all sacred and stuff. They even put tags on about 400 eels from Europe a few years ago, and the best they could do is estimate that they must come from somewhere miles deep under the Sargasso Sea, near the Bermuda Triangle. I thought it was more widely know but Egyptians fought that dung beetles would spring out of dung, out of nothingness. They never saw a dung beetle lay its eggs. Khepri was the beetle faced god. Because of the magical life of sudden beetles and because the beetles rolled the dung like as if it was the sun.

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Which is connected to Have You Seen The Mothman Butterfly Shirt life, they thought Khepri was connected to eternal life. I have seen so many maggots, you can’t walk without hearing them pop under your feet. I was delivering to a popular restaurant in my city, going to a back entrance. I don’t eat there anymore. Well, in their defense, being near bad smells of either rotting animals/people, or places like bogs and swamps increase your chances of catching a disease by quite a bit as opposed to clean and tidy places. Of course, it’s not the smell, but it’s very easy to see how they made that connection very early on, probably before modern humans, at least for the decaying animals. And the swamp bit is because of malaria, which arguably has killed more people than anything in history. People thought Jewish people were the ones causing the Black Plague because they didn’t get it nearly as often, when in fact Jewish people had the mandate to clean themselves often which Christian people didn’t at the time.

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Have You Seen The Mothman Butterfly Sweatshirt
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That reminds me of a gag from one of the Have You Seen The Mothman Butterfly Shirt Scooby-Doo cartoons where he meets celebrity guests. There’s a big covered bridge with a crank underneath to turn it around. Shaggy goes, and Scoob just looks at him like he’s a dumbass. It’s far more likely the Jews were every bit as infected but didn’t use Christian doctors and so people just assumed they were better off. Not like we have objective statistics to know for sure. The reality is that bathing is difficult even unheated, and private, regular heated baths would take money most people didn’t have. Similarly, most people didn’t have enough changes of clothes to reduce infection risk. You would need a bathhouse to make bathing generally more affordable, and that would create entirely new risks from close contact with others. Not to mention that many of these Jewish communities were forced into ghettos which meant they were segregated from the rest of the highly infectious population.

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