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While to a normal person this is correct but unforantly does not apply for corporations. I remember a while ago I had an issue at my bank. I tried to Nice Jobs Not Mobs America 2020 Shirt calmly explain how they made an error but they wouldn’t budge. Que me calling the manager on the phone and calling the bank stupid, a scam, and everything else they unbelievably refunded me the money. I don’t understand why companies make you act like a total psycho just to fix an issue they caused. No wonder why we have so many Karen’s in this world. Raisin Bran crunch is where it’s at. They add way more sugar than the regular stuff. Dump some sugary milk over the top and you’ve got yourself a hyper sweet sugar bomb breakfast. Always a favorite of mine.

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There was an episode of the 80s sitcom Perfect Strangers that was almost exactly this situation. Balki discovers that his favorite cereal (which is basically raisin bran) doesn’t have as many raisins in it as claimed. He goes to the company’s headquarters to complain and he’s not taken seriously until the president of the company shows up and agrees with him. I wonder if it would be cheaper to get granola in bulk and add it to Nice Jobs Not Mobs America 2020 Shirt plain Raisin Bran than rely on Kellogg to not throttle the crunch down. I distinctly remember it being way more crunchy than it is now. It is actually very tough to get a mixture to stay homogenous into a package depending on how they are doing it. To meet the product rates, I doubt they add the exact amount of cereal and raisins at adding per box.

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Instead, what they are doing is likely moving cereal and raisins into a large vat that then gets distributed into small hoppers that weight it out per box. The problem is that particles of different sizes like to separate when in a big mixture (look up the mixed nut problem) in the vat. This causes raisins and cereal to slowly separate, likely leading to your problem where some people get more raisins than others. This is getting more attention then I thought it would, so let me clear some things up. I acquired 9 slightly expired boxes of special k. I tried a bowl and didn’t like it… so I’m separating all 9 boxes. I’m keeping the freeze-dried strawberries for Nice Jobs Not Mobs America 2020 Shirt my guinea pigs and then I’m going to do some research and see what animals might enjoy the cereal part. I’m hoping birds do.

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