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Depends on the genre, I’ll go down to 40% for horror movies since many critics judge horror very harshly in reviews and they aren’t for Premium Mr Bean Cartoon Aldi Logo Shirt everyone. But if I’m watching a documentary I won’t watch anything below like 70% because I’m more picky about the quality. Giant monster flicks like Godzilla is another genre worth watching even at lower critic ratings. Critics generally want to deep, meaningful story, but generally the target audience for those films just want to switch off their brains and watch big boi break buildings. I think that’s heavily dependent on genre. A 60 or 50 for comedy, horror and sometimes action ,a 6 might as well be a perfect 10 but anything with drama or suspense , below 70 is going to be bad. The more the movie relies on the actors over the atmosphere of the film, the more critical the ratings become. I should have clarified. I read the user reviews, not critics.

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The general consensus was that it wasn’t the greatest show in the world but it was decent. Which is pretty much how I felt after watching it as well. I literally watched almost that entire movie waiting to see what was gonna happen. I felt like I was waiting for the entire movie for Premium Mr Bean Cartoon Aldi Logo Shirt the action/interesting things to start it was terrible. Finally had to turn it off. Btw what I’m referring to is in the movie when it’s showing his information, his arrest records and physical description. Also, his record makes no sense. He did so much serious shit but yet he did so little time. Movies are full of continuity errors like that whenever “files” or “records” are shown. In that recent Chadwick Boseman cop movie, there is a character who is described as ex-Army or ex-Green Beret or something like that while a. Massive picture of him is shown on a screen wearing a uniform that clearly has the US Marines logo on it.

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How do you miss this shit? Script supervisors in Hollywood are getting paid either too much or too little. I too enjoyed Space Force but I feel it fell in Premium Mr Bean Cartoon Aldi Logo Shirt line with the user reviews on the show. Yeah, that is pretty bad. Even if the prop department fucked up and it wasn’t caught until just prior to filming, the script supervisor would make a note. To get a corrected version of the prop to create a close up insert shot at a later time. The movie is set entirely on a cruise ship, for the simple reason that said cruise ship was going to the Miss Universe pageant, and so was filled with hot chicks. So they wrote the movie in three days, filmed it in six, and did so with the wrong lenses because they forgot to bring the right ones. Sandler doesn’t even put it on his resume.

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